Megyn Kelly sounds off on firing of arrogant ABC lovebirds: ‘Stop projecting ‘I don’t give a s**t’’

Megyn Kelly cut past the PR efforts of ousted ABC hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach and recommended they do the same on her radio show Monday with some tough talk: “It’s sad. Act like it’s sad.”

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Since word broke in the late fall that the co-hosts of GMA3 were having an extramarital affair, they were kept off the air but not out of the public eye as they proceeded to engage in public displays of affection seemingly for the benefit of the tabloids. Following the Friday announcement from ABC News that the couple was officially out, Kelly brought on attorneys Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh to her SiriusXM show to discuss the topic but spent most of the time railing over their behavior.

“They lost their jobs altogether. And before you say, ‘Oh, sad, they just fell in love. It happens outside of a marriage,’ and I understand all that, I think there is a very good reason why they lost their jobs,” she began. “I think it was — two things. The ridiculous PR behavior that they engaged in post the scandal breaking, they handled the media exactly the wrong way in my view. And number two, it came out that he had all these other alleged affair partners at ABC.”

As previously reported, in addition to at least three other affairs Holmes was accused of having with employees of the network, Robach was facing allegations of drinking on the clock, which she adamantly denied.

Kelly opined, “My suspicion is, they were in a position where, ‘What are you gonna do? You’re gonna fire the black anchor and you’re gonna let the white female stay?’ That can’t happen. She had to go too even though that investigation appears to have only found her prior sins as being, she had a bottle of liquor, sealed, in her office and somebody claimed she showed up drunk after some sporting event on the air, which I don’t believe either. But I bet if you cast a wide net, you could find 10 people who showed up drunk on the air at ABC at one point or another.”

While Aidala and the host disagreed as to whether or not the pair were “at will” employees and Eiglarsh, who admitted to being a friend to Robach contended, “I think that when you, the anchor, become the story, that’s where it’s problematic for the viewers,” Kelly fell back on criticizing their handling of the scandal from day one.

“I think those two could have come out,” she said. “They could have said on the show the next day, cause they were on the air one day with this scandal having been broken by the Daily Mail, and they could have said, ‘We are very embarrassed. It’s true. This was a private matter that we wanted to resolve privately given the fact that we have kids and we have spouses, but we couldn’t given the Daily Mail report. And we are gonna take a leave of absence to deal with this and we hope that we can earn your forgiveness and trust when we come back.”

“And then lay low, stop with the very clearly orchestrated photo events in South Beach where they were all over each other kissing and fondling. While their spouses who they cheated on are posting sad face pictures with their kids who look incredibly forlorn. That was a massive PR error. They 100 percent orchestrated it in my opinion,” Kelly added, displaying a recent photo of Robach jumping into the arms of Holmes after what was described as “a nice lunch out.”

“They’re still doing it. They don’t understand. No one looks at this and says, ‘True love.’ They cheated on their spouses. They cheated on their children. Yes, it happens,” she said before declaring, “It’s sad. Act like it’s sad. Stop projecting ‘I don’t give a sh*t about anybody who I hurt.'”

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