Michael Matteo: Investing in safe spaces

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Under President Biden’s economic mandates inflation is high, job growth is nil and investors are trying to figure out where they can invest money and get a decent return on their investments.  Unfortunately, the only thing coming out of the Build Back Bungler administration is misinformation, excuses and incompetence, yet none of these items are marketable commodities.  Wokeness has, however, generated one thing where investors can put money in the short term because demand will continue to rise due to the liberal mindset that involves emotional meltdowns caused by trying to defend the indefensible: that commodity is safe spaces.

Safe rooms were created as practical alternatives for people who wanted a secure place in their homes in case of home invasions or places where valuables could be put where they would be protected.  On the contrary, safe spaces are defined as a place or environment in which a person or category of people can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, or any other emotional or physical harm. Sadly, in this era of identity politics and the philosophy of being woke, safe spaces are actually places where people can go when they are unable to debate or argue a position that they support and they are the places for those who see themselves as perennial victims because their arguments lack facts and/logic, which inevitably causes them to look like fools when they attempt to debate individuals armed with facts, figures and the ability to apply logic.

This example is perfectly illustrated by the aftermath of a Dr. Phil show where “non-binary” activists, Ethan and Addison, met with Daily Wire Host and author, Matt Walsh, to discuss the spectrum of ideas concerning transgender theories.  Both of the non-binary activists made the claim that Trans-women are women, so Walsh asked them a very simple question: Can you define the word “woman?”  After moments of uncomfortable silence, neither could give a definition of what it meant to be a woman.  One of the guests said that a woman is anything a person wants it to be, which basically means that words are meaningless because if we can change any word to what we want it to mean, how can we effectively communicate?

In a segment that was cut from the show, Walsh used their own “logic” against them and said that if gender was fluid, which is their basic claim, was race also fluid?  In other words, could a person identify as a different race.  It was reported that neither of them could answer that question.  Walsh went on to show the contradiction of woke thinkers who complain about cultural appropriation as offensive, but support gender appropriation as a right.  When challenged and asked why this subject was so important to him (as if he had no right to question the things he was questioning) Walsh said simply, “Because I care about the truth.”

After the show, Walsh tweeted that he felt very good about what he was able to accomplish on the show.  However, Ethan and Addison reported that this was traumatic for them and “triggered anxiety.”  Addison created an Instagram story where he wrote, “About a month ago, Ethan and I were invited to be guests on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show to share our stories and discuss pronouns…” “… We were excited for the opportunity to educate in a safe space. What ended up happening was much different than they discussed with us. And we left feeling attacked by another guest and played by the producers.” “Since the taping, Ethan and I have been experiencing a heightened level of anxiety to the point that we’ve had numerous nightmares and depression spirals over the last month…”

After their embarrassing performance, they immediately attacked the producers because they were unable to answer very simple questions posed by Walsh.  They played the victim card, which has become all too common when woke individuals are unable to debate their irrational positions.  It’s not their fault for being ill-prepared, it’s the fault of the producers whose space was anything but safe for them.  It’s Walsh’s fault for asking “difficult” questions that they couldn’t answer.  In the end, this is what happens when individuals attempt to argue from an emotional/feelings base and lack the ability to use evidence to support assertions.

The Dr. Phil incident is a microcosm of what exists on a daily basis in schools, university classrooms and other areas where progressives are unable to defend their ideas due to them being derived from fallacies, feelings and fantasies.  It is evidence of indoctrination because when these ideas are parroted by political stooges who lack the ability to discern a fact from an opinion and give long diatribes that use all the terminology as programmed, yet, are unable to defend the basic tenets of the ideas they espouse when pressed to do so. Their need for safe rooms isn’t because they were abused, but because they couldn’t defend an idea that they were programmed to believe without question.  This is the main reason why Walsh’s simple questions couldn’t be answered by Ethan and Addison.

The agenda that has been taught in universities for over a decade is to blindly accept what the professor’s tell you and spew it back to them to get a grade.  Slogans like “Silence if violence” is something that is easy to remember, so it doesn’t tax the brains of those who struggle with semantics, and it has to be true because the words rhyme, right?  This is why speakers whose positions are contrary to what students are taught are uninvited to speak and why their writings and speeches are censored on campuses throughout the nation.

Many of the gurus of liberal ideology have refused debates with those who would challenge their claims.  The creator of Anti-racism, Ibram X. Kendi has refused to debate John McWhorter and Larry Elder. The best-selling author of White Fragility, Robin Di Angelo refused to respond to a request for a debate human rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a native of Somalia, on the subject of systemic racism.  The proceeds of, that debate, at least $22,000, would have gone to the underprivileged children in Kenya.  If their ideas are so worthy, why won’t they debate?  When those on the left do debate people like Dan Bongino, Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro who show up armed with facts and an ability to use deductive reasoning, the results are catastrophic for leftists who must immediately be ushered into the womb-like atmosphere of safe spaces, which end up being like emotional force fields against opposing ideas.

Seventy years ago brave young men heroically stormed the beaches at Normandy and fought a war to end fascism.  Today’s young people need safe spaces when their indoctrinated ideas are challenged and their emotions are placed in turmoil.  Critical thinking has been replaced by blind acceptance, which is how cults, not educational institutions, operate. However, when the propaganda doesn’t mesh with reality, there is always a safe space nearby to comfort and caress the wounds created by opposing views, which is why safe spaces are a sound investment under the current administration.


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