Molecular geneticist goes against the narrative, outmatches opponents on ‘trans rights’ in Berkeley debate

A debate of sorts that occurred at U.C. Berkeley this past spring has gone viral now months later because of the truth bomb contained in it.

During the debate, the topic of so-called “transgender women” came up. In discussing this topic, one of the debate opponents, a female molecular geneticist, argued that liberal women support so-called “trans rights”  because of internalized misogyny.

“I go to the women’s changing room at my gym, and there’s a dude in there. He’s putting on makeup and hoop earrings, and this is not something a woman does when she goes to work out,” she said.

“Nor do women beat each other to death, but men do, you know, and it’s just so sad that women have internalized misogyny to the point where the man’s comfort takes precedence over the woman’s safety.”

Listen from the 7:44 mark below:

To be clear, so-called “trans rights” is a misnomer, in that reports show a majority of Americans oppose the idea of “transgender people” competing against the opposite sex and likewise using the opposite sex’s bathrooms.

Nevertheless, “trans rights” is a hot topic in the establishment press, which for the most part has sided with the trans activists in demanding that “transgender people” be treated as if they’re of the opposite biological gender.

The debate seen above featured three participants, including the molecular geneticist, and was moderated by noted atheist philosopher Peter Boghossian.

The debate began with Boghossian establishing the claim that “trans women should be legally treated as women.”

The three participants then took positions on the stage corresponding to whether they agreed or disagreed with the claim.


(Video screenshot)

Boghossian then approached the man standing in the “disagree” lane and asked why he disagrees with the claim.

“As we’ve seen in situations where jails are involved, right, so men and women ought to be separated in jails regardless of how someone identifies. We don’t want to see people get raped, as we’ve seen actually happen. Inmates have raped other inmates when the man has said he identifies as a woman and ends up raping another inmate who’s a woman. That’s a problem,” the man replied.

“Not to mention unfair competition in sports. Swimming is an obvious one recently but really any sports competitions where physical strength and size matters, which is many sports, if not most.”

Swimming is “an obvious one” because of Lia Thomas, the gigantic biological male who in recent months has been dominating women’s college swimming.

Boghossian then asked the woman standing in the “agree” lane why she supports the claim.

“I’ve worked in a hospital and they really put an emphasis on DEI, and that means using the exact pronouns and the genders that the patients associate themselves with. And this way they get the treatment that they seek out of a hospital or a medical institution. And so from that perspective, I see why it’s valuable to make patients feel comfortable,” she replied.

DEI is short for “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The woman’s point prompted Boghossian to ask her about the prospect of a “transgender man” showing up to a hospital pregnant.

“What if the treatment they seek isn’t the treatment they need. … There’s a story in the news about a person who came in who looked exactly like a male, self identifies as male, but the person was pregnant, and it never came up because they self-identified as male,” he said.

In response, the woman suggested it’s “equally important” for “transgender” patients to be open and honest about their biological sex.

“I think it’s equally important to disclose medically what is happening, but it is up to the patients to refuse treatment, to decide that they don’t want to go through with whatever the doctor is recommending,” she said.

Asked about the prospect of a “transgender woman” serving time in prison with biological women, the pro-transgender debate opponent said she supports that too.

It’s at this point that Boghossian approached the molecular geneticist to ask for her take.

(Source: Video screenshot)

After the geneticist offered her take, Boghossian returned to the other side to hear the pro-transgender opponent’s rebuttal.

“Your argument is really geared towards men identifying as women, but what about the other way around, women identifying as men?” she said.

“Women cannot force a pregnancy on a man,” the geneticist promptly responded.

The young opponent wasn’t impressed.

“I want to know specifically why legally it matters. I mean, I consider myself like pretty open-minded when it comes to these things. … I just personally feel like in my heart, that it doesn’t matter legally who someone or what gender someone is,” she said.

Notice how she referenced her feelings, not facts, data, statistics, or evidence. Indeed, YouTube commenters noticed this as well.

“The young lady is a perfect example of a failed system that has completely lobotomized students over the last 20-25 years. If you notice, she starts most of her arguments and comments with ‘I feel that…’ This has been beaten into her for so long that she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it,” one comment reads.

“To the young student. Women attending college does not endanger men. Allowing males into women’s spaces does endanger women. Also let’s keep the perverted fetishists out of women’s and children’s spaces. I loved the straight talk of the molecular biologist,” another adds.


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