‘More entertaining than drunk history’: Watters earns co-hosts’ accolades with colorful Biden rant

Fox News’ “The Five” co-hosts riffed on Joe Biden Monday after the White House abruptly canceled a major address on the state of the still-struggling supply chain minutes before the president was supposed to speak.

In particular, co-host Jesse Watters commented that the only reason why the U.S. economy appears to be doing well is because of the trillions of dollars passed by the Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by Biden that have been poured into the economy after lengthy shutdowns in many parts of the country, leading to supply chain chokepoints and the highest inflation in decades.

“President Biden bailing on a speech about inflation today as Democrats begged Joe to take action. Vulnerable liberals are reportedly worried the supply chain crisis is going to bite them in — next year’s midterms,” co-host Greg Gutfield said as he introduced the segment.

“Biden was supposed to reassure Americans after meeting with top CEOs about this issue earlier, but he abruptly scrapped those plans and rescheduled the speech for Wednesday. Jesse, what does this mean, this rescheduling? Not one day but two days?” Gutfeld continued.

(Video: Fox News)

“My sources say Hunter relapsed. I’m kidding. I don’t have any sources. You think I have sources in the Biden White House?” Watters joked, which drew some laughter from the other co-hosts.

“Here’s the thing with the supply chain crisis, I’m surprised we still have one,” Watters added. “Didn’t Joe Biden fix it when he said he was gonna keep the ports open? What happened to that great fix two months ago?”

Continuing, Watters reminded viewers that even after the White House pledged to ease container ship backlogs at ports by keeping them open “24/7,” only one terminal did so but reverted back to normal hours a few days later because no trucks showed up to transport cargo that had been offloaded.

“Did he solve that truck issue?” Gutfeld asked.

Watters then explained that Biden’s vaccine mandate imposed on truck drivers, who spend the vast majority of their time on the road and not in contact with others, had led to a dearth of drivers.

“And so the reason we have this also, besides moving the factories to China, is because Fauci shut down this economy,” Watters added.

“No one’s ever done that, in the history of the world, shut down the economy because of a pandemic. Why did he do it? Because it mostly affects old people. Who runs the country? Old people! Old people don’t want to die. They run things, so they’re like, all right, no one get near me. So no one got near old people, but then the old people wouldn’t let anybody else get near themselves, right?” Watters said.

“So everybody stayed home, and so as we came back up, Joe dropped $2 trillion in like – I don’t know, the same month as the economy reopened the pier that is like fiscal methamphetamines and we go just — right to the moon and then inflation, the economists are like, ‘Oh, my god, I didn’t see this coming. It’s like the only profession they get paid to not see things coming. Always unexpected when you’re an economist,” Watters concluded, again drawing laughter from some of the other co-hosts.

“You are more entertaining than drunk history,” Gutfeld quipped, which prompted co-host Geraldo Rivera to add: “That sounded like drunk history.”

Rivera went on to claim that certain aspects of the economy are improving, such as more Americans finding work and businesses beginning to expand, but such good news most often did not get media attention because “we don’t do stories about processes working.”

He went on to warn that another spike in COVID cases could wipe out those gains and force segments of the country to shut down again.

Co-host Dagen McDowell countered by noting the rising inflation which was merely an “inconvenience” to wealthy earners but was a real problem for working-class Americans.

Jon Dougherty


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