President Biden’s video with Bill Nye ‘Science Guy’ called ‘insanely demented’

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Pretend TV scientist Bill Nye is being pilloried as a propagandist for teaming up with the White House to produce a one-sided promotional video for the president’s agenda.

Published to social media on Tuesday, the video shows Nye spouting Democrat Party talking point after Democrat talking point.

“If you’re like me, you want the U.S. to be a bit better. And for that, we have two bills,” the pseudoscientist, who’s identified as a “science icon” in the promotional video, begins before dropping a joke about how he, Bill, isn’t one of the two bills.

Nye then proceeds to provide a completely one-sided overview of both the ostensibly bipartisan infrastructure deal that was already signed into law by President Joe Biden, and the “Build Back Better” proposal that’s currently in the Senate.

Of the first bill, he claims “that’s for our roads, our power lines, our water pipes — to upgrade them and improve them so we can have better infrastructure.”

Of the second bill, he claims it’s “for addressing climate change, for providing people the means to weatherize their houses and make them more resilient to climate change and establish a civilian climate core.”

“This would be something for people of all ages to get good union jobs here in the United States so that we can, working together, build back better,” he adds.

The video ends with the president, dubbed “Amtrak Joe,” entering the picture and bantering with Nye about how “electric cars are the future” and how “infrastructure is cool.”


The video provoked widespread negative responded in part because of how one-sided Nye’s talking points were.

He neglected to mention that the BBB proposal funds 87,000 new IRS agents so that the agency can both perform more audits and also effectively spy on the American people’s bank accounts.

He also neglected to note that only a small chunk of the ostensibly bipartisan infrastructure deal had anything to do with infrastructure. Left-wing “fact-checkers”  have admittedly tried to claim this is a lie, but according to Reason magazine, the “fact-checkers” themselves are lying.

The trick, the 53-year-old magazine noted in its October issue, is that the definition of infrastructure has been “stretche[d] … almost beyond recognition.” That’s how the left has been able to claim that things that objectively have nothing to do with infrastructure somehow do have something to do with it.

“The best example of this … might be the $100 billion Biden proposed spending on government-run broadband internet. … Internet access is certainly important — but so is access to groceries. That doesn’t mean either one should be defined as infrastructure or subsidized by taxpayers,” the magazine notes.

It’s the type of clever lie that Dr. Anthony Fauci might try to pull. And indeed, many of Nye’s critics have been comparing him to the discredited bureaucrat because of what appears to be the duo’s shared love of propaganda:

Note what the latter Twitter user wrote about “pork,” and recall what Nye said about electric cars. There’s just one problem.

The bill contains a $4,500 electric vehicle tax credit that only applies if the EV is purchased from a unionized company. Some critics have argued that if the president genuinely cared about climate change, he’d offer the tax credit to all EV purchasers.

What he really seems to care about, according to Reason magazine, is providing “a kickback to a key constituency of” his party: unions.

Of course, Nye didn’t mention this or anything else negative about both bills. Instead he just spouted talking points, all while allowing himself to be portrayed as some “science icon.” To some, it all seemed rather “demented”:

Speaking of dementedness, some wondered whether the president had any idea what was going on. Critics also drew attention to the lack of masks on both men’s faces.

Apparently, the coronavirus goes on break when propaganda is being filmed. Who knew!?

Vivek Saxena


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