More trouble for NYC mayor: Eric Adams denies sexual assault allegation filed against him

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has vigorously denied the sexual assault allegation that was filed against him by a woman this Wednesday.

“It absolutely did not happen! I don’t recall ever meeting this person. I would never harm anyone in that magnitude. It did not happen,” he told reporters on Thanksgiving Day, a day after the allegation was unveiled in court.

“And it’s going to go its course, it’s going to take its process. But it did not happen. And that is not who I am. And that is not who I’ve ever been in my professional life. It’s just something that never took place,” he added.


His spokesperson has also denied the allegation.

“The mayor does not know who this person is. If they ever met, he doesn’t recall it. But he would never do anything to physically harm another person and vigorously denies any such claim,” the spokesperson told The Washington Post.

The allegation against him was seen in a summons that the unnamed victim filed in New York’s Supreme Court on Wednesday.

“The summons acts as a notice of a pending lawsuit, in which more details of the alleged incident will become known,” the Daily Mail noted.

There’s just one problem.

“The summons is just three pages and does not reveal any detail about the alleged assault,” according to The Messenger.

All that it says is that Adams sexually assaulted the victim in 1993.

“Plaintiff was sexually assaulted by Defendant Eric Adams in New York, New York in 1993 while they both worked for the City of New York,” the summons reads.

Also, the victim filed the suit on the last eligible day as per the Adult Survivors Act.

“The Adult Survivors Act went into effect in New York in November 2022 and opened a one-year window for sexual abuse accusers to file suits in state and federal courts about claims that would have been time-barred by the statute of limitations. That window expires Friday,” The Messenger noted.

But there’s more.

“In addition to sexual assault, the woman also accuses Mr. Adams and the [local police] department of employment discrimination, retaliation, hostile work environment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment,” The New York Times reported.

“The plaintiff said in the suit that she and Mr. Adams were both employees of the city. In 1993, Mr. Adams was an officer in the Police Department’s transit bureau, which is also a defendant in the lawsuit. He joined the department itself in 1995, after the transit bureau was absorbed into the larger agency,” according to the Times.

Moreover, while the victim’s name has not been publicly released, the Times has discovered that she has a history of filing lawsuits.

“In 2008, she sued American Airlines, arguing that an employee had caused her to fall out of a wheelchair, injuring her back. After four days of trial, a jury decided in favor of the airline,” the Times notes.

“She sued the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Board in 2009, arguing that she was denied compensation after she was attacked by a student. She lost at trial and then appealed parts of the decision to the Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, where she won several procedural motions but failed to win a retrial,” according to the Paper.

And then last year, she reportedly sued a casino in Florida for neglect after another casino customer apparently fell on her so hard that she felt “she was under ‘demonic attack,'” according to the lawsuit.  This case reportedly remains unresolved for now.

Responding to word of the lawsuit, X users speculated that Adams is facing a politically motivated attack over his outspoken criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border crisis.


Vivek Saxena


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