WaPo reporter hasn’t a clue why it’s so hard to get an Uber in DC

There’s little doubt that members of elite media live in an entitled bubble of their own choosing, opting to see the world through a tainted lens that in many cases conveniently favors the Democratic Party, but every so often they feel compelled to remind us anyway.

Take Washington Post senior national political correspondent Ashley Parker, for example. The “reporter” took to social media to marvel over why it’s so hard to get an Uber in crime-ridden Washington, D.C.

Parker tweeted: “Serious Q: Why are there suddenly almost no @Uber in DC anymore, and the ones here regularly cancel or take forever to arrive? Tho on the upside, if/when they do come, the fare is way cheaper than before.”

Of course, if Parker put some of her journalistic skills to work it wouldn’t take long to stumble across a big clue to her conundrum.

Democrats are very slow in coming to the realization that when you opt not to prosecute criminals or otherwise coddle them by reducing charges, and let them out of jail for free when they do commit a crime, it tends to result in more crime — this being along the lines of government subsidies creating more of the very problem it seeks to remedy.

As for Parker, it’s all a big mystery. Never mind that two years ago an Uber Eats driver was killed in D.C. when two girls, 15 and 13, attempted a carjacking. The media was quick to note that the 15-year-old girl received the “maximum penalty” after being convicted — as a juvenile, that means she’ll be released at 21.

As one social media user noted, D.C. is known as a “Carjack City,” so how could Parker be so clueless?

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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