MSNBC guest spins up phony war on ‘black people, non-Christian whites’ by Trump and DeSantis

It is becoming more and more evident to many that the left, with a hefty assist from a compliant media and the world of so-called “academia,” wants a race war in America.

It’s hard to reach a different conclusion when an MSNBC columnist like Ruth Ben-Ghiat can go on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” and, without any pushback from host Jonathan Capehart, claim that GOP presidential candidates Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump — and, by extension, all Republicans in general — are “criminalizing black people” so white children can “feel like, you know, victims.”

“There’s a war on blackness, at the ballot box, disenfranchising blacks. There’s a war, actually, on blacks at their places of employment, through the suppression of diversity and inclusion initiatives. And there’s the war on blackness in education,” stated Ben-Ghiat. “All of these things fit together.”

“Whenever I hear about DeSantis’ or others’ anti-wokeness, I think of a line I have in my book from somebody who lived under the dictatorship in Chile, and he said, ‘Dictatorships want people to go to sleep,'” she continued. “And so, all of the education initiatives of the GOP, they mirror the disenfranchisement of black people at the ballot box by not only erasing major parts of their history, but rewriting history in ways that satisfy white people. So, it’s an extension, and it’s a way these things fit together. There’s an overall plan which stands out to me as somebody who studies the GOP as an autocratic party.”

There is so much wrong with these remarks, it is difficult to know where to begin to unpack it all, yet Capehart simply enforced it all, treating it like undisputed fact.

The proof?

Donald Trump, Capehart noted, told supporters at a rally, “I’m being indicted for you.”

“This is standard for him on the campaign trail,” Capehart said, “and standard for dictators, no?”

“Yeah,” Ben-Ghiat eagerly agreed, “because he has to be the victim. And by extension, what he’s done now is, the more hot water he’s in, the more he knows that maybe some people think he has too much baggage. So, what you really want, is to get people feeling there’s an existential threat against them. And, so, he’s being indicted for them. He just stands in the way, because they’re the real targets.”

“And if we relate this to the questions of race and education, it’s creating an educational and emotional environment so whites feel they’re under attack all the time and criminalizing black people and non-whites in general, non-Christian whites, is part of this game to keep people in a state of tension,” she explained. “The Prager curriculum that Ron DeSantis is adopting, which is not accredited, by the way, it’s a propaganda outfit. And all of these GOP, you know, education measures, they want, they say, they all have the same language, that they want to remove emotional distress like sources, things that make people feel, white people feel guilty. And so, they can feel like, you know, victims.”

So, to recap, Ruth Ben-Ghiat went on a national news show and claimed that white Christian Republicans, led by fear-mongering autocrats, want to establish a dictatorship in which anyone who isn’t a white Christian is “criminalized,” their histories “erased,” and their votes are “disenfranchised.”

There is an oft-quoted claim that Democrats accuse their opponents of exactly what they are doing, and it would be difficult to find a more illustrative example of it than Ben-Ghiat’s assertations.

In under four minutes, she managed to rope in affirmative action, which is based on the notion that minorities are incapable of succeeding in a merit-based system without concessions; legislation that prohibits schools from indoctrinating children with re-imagined versions of history and gender ideologies; and mail-in ballots, which open the voter fraud floodgates and twist them into a fear-based rant on the evils of faithful Christian white people.

The attacks on Florida’s black history curriculum have been thoroughly debunked, and yet Democrats continue to repeat them with impunity.

And what did Capehart have to say about Ben-Ghiat’s dangerously divisive twisting of the truth?

“This is an incredible conversation.”

On X, people are doing what Capehart should have done — they are pushing back.

“What does this lady have to say to nonwhite Trump supporters?” asked yet another user. “She thinks she has so cleverly figured out Trump’s ‘race-based strategy.’ I’d love to see her have this conversation with black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. Trump voters.”



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