MSNBC on Twitter reinstating Trump: ‘Very white privileged cis hetero men protecting each other’

MSNBC has become such a vehicle for the radical neo-Marxist left that one might need to send away a collection of cereal box tops for a decoder ring to decipher the progressive language in use on the network.

There are two major factors that contribute to the left’s success today, one being a complicit media that share the same mindset and the other being the control of language, which the left has down to an art form. A well-established example of this being to call the killing of unborn children “reproductive health care,” and a more recent example being child mutilation in the quest to do the impossible, change one’s gender, being coined “gender-affirming care.”

Another thing you are certain to get when watching MSNBC is a healthy dose of racial divisiveness, and all of these factors collided over the weekend when a panel responded to Twitter reinstating former President Donald Trump after new boss Elon Musk ran a poll and more than 15 million people weighed in.

“I am absolutely disgusted,” said black panelist Danielle Moodie-Mills. “But what else do we expect from very white, privileged, cis, hetero men protecting each other? Because we always mistake wealth and inheritance for genius. So yay! Elon Musk gets what he wants, his buddy back on the air in order to finish burning down democracy, while he finishes burning down the town square.”

White males, of course, being the one safe demographic to single out, demonize and even discriminate against in post-Obama America.

Of course, the panel touched on what the left really fears most about Trump returning to Twitter prior to Mill’s racist remarks, which is that the former president knows how to use the platform effectively.


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