‘Oh, no!’ Climate extremists get a taste of their own medicine at posh convention

The “Just Stop Oil” climate activists who terrorize art galleries, museums, and everyday residents trying to get on with their lives found themselves outmatched by “Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off’ protestors.

In a rather remarkable occurrence, the climate zealots were holding their own convention of sorts, aptly titled the “Beyond F*cked Banquet,” according to the Daily Mail.

“The divisive climate activism group held an event in London to ‘step back, grieve for what will die and disappear but also to celebrate what we have achieved’, offering campaign updates, stories from people ‘in resistance,’ plant-based food and music,” the British tabloid reported, adding that the banquet was thrown off course when the counter-protestors crashed the event with deafening ‘personal safety alarms.'”

The alarms were placed inside balloons filled with helium and released in the expansive banquet hall featuring towering ceilings, with the Daily Mail crediting British YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners for the brilliant plan that gave Just Stop Oil a taste of their own medicine.

“I’m sure they’re probably paid by the Daily Mail… and they’ve left us with a very difficult problem to solve,” a woman is heard in one clip telling the crowd.

Another video being shared captured the pre-release activity:

To their credit, the climate extremist group took the prank like a good sport.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Josh & Archie’s prank yesterday,” the group tweeted. “Great action design — nonviolent and ever so slightly disruptive. Their faith in democracy is touching, but the climate crisis needs urgent action today — we simply don’t have time to wait for a new government. Nonetheless, we wish them luck in their endeavour to bring people together, and hope they know that we are always happy to talk.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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