Oregon votes to mandate insurance gender ‘transition’ coverage, ‘specifically excludes’ detransitioning treatments

In a move that one policy advisor calls “demonic,” the Oregon state Legislature has approved amendments to a bill that would require Medicaid and private insurance companies to cover so-called “gender-affirming treatments” but specifically excludes the coverage of detransitioning treatments for those who realize they’ve made a terrible mistake.

House Bill 2002 primarily centered around abortion “care,” but was expanded to include care for those who believe they can, via hormones and life-altering surgeries, switch their biologically-determined genders.

“Overall the bill is practically demonic,” wrote David Strom for Hot Air. “It is represented as expanding reproductive rights, but the actual bill itself is aimed at eliminating reproduction by killing babies and sterilizing living people. If you want to be disgusted by man’s inhumanity to man, go read the bill. It is an offense against humanity.”

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Oregon state Representative Ed Diehl (R), who sits on the House Behavioral Health and Health Care Committee in the Oregon House of Representatives, called the language of the amended bill “intentional.”

“If detransition is real, the whole ‘gender identity’ house of cards collapses,” he wrote.


“With this bill, Medicaid and private insurance are mandated to cover treatments when your ‘gender identity’ and sex don’t align,” he explained. “But, if you believe you have made a mistake and want a procedure to align with your sex, coverage will not be mandated.”

“I proposed a -11 amendment to the base bill, adding coverage for detransition treatments, and it was flatly rejected by the Democrats,” he continued. “Why? Doesn’t this seem like the compassionate thing to do?”

Diehl cited studies showing that up to 30% of all people who have transitioned go on to detransition within a decade.

“We know we are harming some children and young adults with these treatments; shouldn’t we offer them the opportunity to correct the mistakes made by the medical professionals?” he asked.

Those studies, he noted, were “enough for the UK, Sweden, Norway, and several other European countries to put the brakes on ‘gender-affirming treatment’ and limit it to clinical settings or ban it outright for minors.”

“In Oregon, however, we are full steam ahead,” he continued, “ignoring these evidence-based studies and the European response. We are expanding access.”

If the lawmakers acknowledge that children and adolescents may come to the conclusion that they were wrong in their belief that they were “born in the wrong body,” then those “professionals” who insist that gender isn’t about pesky chromosomes and sexual reproductive organs, but is an “immutable” state of mind, would have to admit that they are wrong.

“SO HERE IS THE CRUX OF THE ISSUE: To detransition is to demonstrate that gender identity is not immutable,” Diehl wrote.

“By including detransition treatment coverage in the bill, the true believers would be acknowledging that detransition is real, that some children and young adults are being harmed, and that the professionals can be wrong,” he explained. “And that is something they simply cannot admit.”

“Detransitioners are an embodied refutation of gender ideology,” Strom wrote. “Their mere existence is a rebuke to the idea that doctors can reliably diagnose and treat gender dysphoria. And if they cannot do that, their actions are monstrous.”

Those who were transitioned at a young age have in increasing numbers been bravely speaking out against the practice.

“I thought that in the end I could become a man but all I became was a mutilated and abused version of myself,” detransitioner Katie Lennon, 21, recently testified.

“This is spiteful!” stated one Twitter user in reference to Oregon’s bill. “If insurance can cover unecessary damage to healthy bodies, it should cover treatment for the damage done.”


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