Priorities! Biden admin announces replacement of airport TSA scanners to accommodate transgender community

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The Biden administration declared Thursday that, on behalf of the “transgender, non-binary, and gender non-confirming” community, it intends to spend money to replace all of America’s airport screening technology with more “inclusive” tech.

The declaration was made as part of a larger announcement concerning a spate of measures the administration intends to take on behalf of the transgender community.

“Today, on International Trans Day of Visibility, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced new measures to better serve all Americans, regardless of their gender identity,” the administration announced through a Department of Homeland Security press release.

“Through technology updates, process changes, and expanded partnerships, TSA and CBP are improving their screening procedures and ensuring they are conducted in a manner that respects the dignity of each individual. These measures are part of a concerted effort by the Biden-Harris Administration to advance equality for transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming Americans.”

Regarding the new screening technology, the press release promises that this new tech will “advance civil rights and improve the customer experience of travelers who previously have been required to undergo additional screening due to alarms in sensitive areas.”

The current system bases its scanning on biological sex. If a man purporting to be a woman is scanned as a woman but the system detects his penis, the alarm will trigger, causing the man to be patted down by security. This, according to the administration, is an inconvenience that’s apparently worth spending millions, if not billions, to resolve.

Additional measures to be implemented include making TSA PreChecks “more inclusive” and indoctrinating TSA agents with “guidance” on “using gender-neutral language and an individual’s self-identified pronouns and name.”

The White House meanwhile released its own press release that appears to include dozens of additional measures the administration is taking to cater specifically to the transgender community, despite the entire nation currently suffering from widespread inflation, exorbitant gas prices and rampant supply shortages.

The measures include but aren’t limited to the including:

  • “Advancing fair housing protections” for transgender people (focusing on only one group of people)
  • “Making the Federal government a model employer for transgender public servants” (changing the focus of government)
  • “Appointing historic transgender leaders” (affirmative action)
  • “Ensuring transgender patients can access birth control” (either biological women who purport to be men having access to birth control, or biological men who purport to be women having access to it)
  • “Advancing gender-affirming care as an essential health benefit” (making insurance pay for sex-change operations)
  • “Advancing health equity research on gender-affirming care” (prioritizing transgender patients over everybody else)
  • “Re-affirming that transgender children have the right to access gender-affirming health care” (granting children the right to pursue sex-change operations without their parents’ permission)
  • “Condemning anti-transgender bills” (fighting against bills that protect women’s rights)

What remains unclear is how much the administration intends to pay for all this, particularly the new TSA technology.

Regardless, the announcement from DHS is being perceived by some as a slap in the face given how few resources the agency has dedicated to stopping illegal migration:

The White House’s announcement is being perceived as an even bigger slap in the face given the multiple pressing crises currently facing the nation.

It doesn’t help that President Joe Biden took time out of his day to lavish effusive praise on “transgender Americans of all ages,” while simultaneously ignoring everybody else and every other issue.


The answer to the latter user’s question is, presumably, white people, heterosexual people, men, Christians and of course Republicans …


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