Progressive journo is ‘done’, skewers leftist ‘obsession’ with ‘identitarian garbage’

There are encouraging signs that the “woke” fever may be breaking with the political left and a fiery rant by one progressive commentator who has denounced the divisive agenda may encourage others to do likewise.

On a recent episode of “The Young Turks” podcast, journalist Ana Kasparian veered off the beaten path during a discussion about feminism and women staying at home instead of participating in the workforce, unloading on the “garbage” identity politics of the modern Democratic Party.

“The biggest change that some of you might have noticed with me is that I’m done with the identitarian garbage,” Kasparian said. “I’m done with it.”

“It is a giant distraction and the more we focus on it, and it’s definitely very obvious to me when comes to the left,” she continued, “the people who are supposed to be fighting for a better economic system, better economic conditions, better working conditions, all of that stuff pushed aside, let’s focus on the identitarian stuff.”

“And the identitarian stuff, by nature, divides us and leads to more fights, more conflict, even among us, but that’s the point,” she said, adding “Anyway, sorry, that’s a little bit of a tangent, but I had to get that out.”

Kasparian has already struck a nerve with today’s identity-obsessed left and their elevation of transgenderism to pseudo-religious status with its own special language.

“I’m a woman. Please don’t ever refer to me as a person with a uterus, birthing person, or person who menstruates. How do people not realize how degrading this is? You can support the transgender community without doing this sh*t,” she Tweeted earlier this year.

“Lol! The meltdowns over wanting be referred to as a woman rather than a ‘birthing person’ is pretty wild. I’ll never apologize for that, especially as biological woman who has had a f**king lifetime of being told I’m less than. I’m a woman. No apologies,” she wrote in a later tweet about the blowback.

Prior to Kasparian’s rant, TYT co-host Cenk Uygur was expressing his opinion that the debate about whether women should be in the workforce distracted from the “actual issue, which is that everyone has to go work, men, women, etc. You both have to go work because, otherwise you can’t make enough money because corporations have taken everything from us.”

“They’re getting the men and the women to fight each other instead of noticing that their wages did not keep up with productivity and that their wages should be $10 per hour higher than they are today,” he said.

At one time, the traditional American left used to concern itself with issues of economic inequality and the rise of unchecked corporate power, was against war and was a defender of free speech as well as outspoken critics of government law enforcement and intelligence agencies. But that ship has long sailed as the Democratic Party has veered into authoritarian abuses reminiscent of those practiced by history’s most oppressive totalitarian left regimes, Stalin’s Soviet Union is one example.

At this stage, it’s probably too late for old-guard leftists to regain control over the Democratic Party and its myriad of tentacles.

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