Protesters crash Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center dinner screaming like lunatics amid heightened security risks

Pro-abortion protesters attempted to ruin an annual banquet dinner for a Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center with their usual antics: Screaming like lunatics.

Multiple activists stood to shout their opinions on the topic of abortion during the speech of Executive Director Janet Durig, using lines such as “Blood on your hands” and “Abortion is forever, motherf***er!”


Protests were also staged outside the venue where activists chanted “We won’t give up this fight, abortion is a human right” and utilized light displays.

The shockingly vulgar protests occurred during a time in Durig’s speech when she was discussing the heightened security risks the center has faced over the last year. In June, vandals attacked the crisis center with red paint and graffiti, while also shattering windows and throwing eggs at the facility.

Social media users were not impressed by the display:

Sierra Marlee


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