‘Repulsive!’ Sexualized AI generated pics of Taylor Swift take internet by storm, spark widespread outrage

Anger is quickly mounting over the proliferation on X of fake, sexually explicit images of Taylor Swift showing her in provocative poses.

“The images in question — known as ‘deepfakes’ — show Swift in various sexualized positions at a Kansas City Chiefs game, a nod to her highly-publicized romance with the team’s tight end, Travis Kelce,” according to the New York Post.

“It wasn’t immediately clear who created the images or first shared them to X, though as of Thursday morning ‘Taylor Swift AI’ was trending on the platform, with more than 58,000 posts on the topic,” the Post reported early Thursday.

The images have sparked massive outrage from Swift’s die-hard fans, not to mention pretty much every woman online.

Below is a small sample of the backlash:

The outrage has led to a campaign, centered around the words “Protect Taylor Swift,” to get everybody to report the original account that began posting sexually explicit AI images of Swift.

“The backlash led to the suspension of one X account sharing the images, but not before they started being shared by dozens of other accounts,” the Daily Mail has confirmed.

Meanwhile, Swift’s die-hard fans are now aiming fire at X owner Elon Musk, demanding he have every account sharing sexually explicit AI images of Swift permanently suspended.


According to The Verge, Swift’s fans have also “responded by flooding hashtags used to circulate the images with messages that instead promote real clips of Swift performing to hide the explicit fakes.”

As noted by The Verge, this whole fiasco speaks to the “very real challenge” of stopping AI-generated pornography of real people.

“Some AI image generators have restrictions in place that prevent nude, pornographic, and photorealistic images of celebrities from being produced, but many others do not explicitly offer such a service,” the outlet notes.

“The responsibility of preventing fake images from spreading often falls to social platforms — something that can be difficult to do under the best of circumstances and even harder for a company like X that has hollowed out its moderation capabilities.”

Vivek Saxena


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