Riley Gaines delivers stinging rebuttal to Dem Katie Porter’s criticism: ‘I see what’s at stake’

Former college swimmer Riley Gaines admitted that leftist hypocrisy would “forever be beyond” her as she torched Rep. Katie Porter’s (D-CA) take on her standing up for women’s sports.

With eyes set on claiming retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) seat in 2024, the Iowa-born California Democrat appeared to be flexing her progressive clout during her appearance on the latest episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” when she attempted to speak to Gaines’ motivations.

“I think it should be up to sporting bodies to make decisions about who is actually-” the congresswoman was saying when fellow guest, journalist Piers Morgan chimed in, “But what has she said that is actually wrong?”

“I think that what she has done is tried to turn this — we talked about people, you know, becoming, using things to kind of get likes and get clicks,” Porter fired back certain f her virtue before later going on to contend Gaines was only “…speaking up for herself…”

The University of Kentucky athlete turned defender of women’s sports took umbrage with the lawmaker’s characterization and captioned the clip from Maher’s program, “Hey @RepKatiePorter I’m not speaking up for myself…I’m done playing sports. I’m not fighting for me. I’m actually supposed to be in dental school this year. But I’ve changed my life plans because I see what’s at stake if someone doesn’t fight for the present and next generation.”

“Why is it always women fighting against sex-based protections? That will forever be beyond me,” she added.

Gaines had made a similar point when she singled out US Women’s National Team soccer player and alphabet activist Megan Rapinoe’s push to allow men to compete against women and stated, “It’s worth noting that 1) you’re done with your athletic career and 2) because you aren’t sexually attracted to men, it’s unlikely you will ever have a daughter to defend. To me, this looks like a classic case of virtue signaling because you have nothing to personally lose.”

Meanwhile, it was Morgan and Maher who came to the defense of Gaines and women athletes with the former refuting Porter’s position and saying, “All I’ve seen her do is stand up for women’s rights, for fairness and equality. She actually competed against Lia Thomas, and it was obviously unfair. Lia Thomas won one of the races in the NCAA championships by 50 seconds against a bunch of biological females who simply couldn’t keep up. That cannot be right. It cannot be fair.”

Maher’s position boiled down to “give the women an equal shot” as he harkened back to the purpose of the creation of Title IX. Morgan then succinctly set forth of men with gender dysphoria don’t want to compete against other men, then the only fair way to proceed is for them to have their own league.

As to Gaines’ strong stance on the issue, he said what was plain to most, but outside Porter’s grasp, “I think she’s speaking for pretty much every female athlete in the world.”

Kevin Haggerty


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