Rogan calls out Dems’ refusal to criticize Biden: ‘If you say it, then it’s going to empower Trump’

Podcast host Joe Rogan called out Democrats for refusing to criticize President Joe Biden because they are afraid it will empower his rival, former President Donald Trump.

Criticizing Biden’s supporters for backing him regardless of the facts and evidence before them, Rogan spoke with standup comedian Brian Redban on “The Joe Rogan Experience” Thursday.

The rebuke of blind support for Biden followed Rogan’s take on the fall of great civilizations after becoming complacent, as people become “soft, and silly and entitled.”


“We’re at this crazy part right before, where the president is like clearly gone and everybody’s like, ‘No, he’s amazing,’” Rogan said. “All these f—ing people, because they don’t want the other guy to win, are just lying to everyone and ruining their credibility.”

“I’m willing to vote Democrat, show me one that says something that makes sense, that I can trust, that’s not dying,” he added. “Just show me one that’s younger, show me one that is a reasonable centrist that makes sense.”

“But they don’t want to do that. They just want to keep trotting this crazy situation out,” Rogan continued, pointing to the president’s many gaffes. “He’s like making s— up and just saying things and everybody has to correct him.”

“Everyone knows what’s going on, but no one on one side is willing to say it, because if you say it, then it’s going to empower Trump, who [they think is] Hitler,” he quipped. “It’s like holy s—, kids, this is not good.”

The podcast host expressed his worries about the future.

“This is not a good place to be and this is like what you would expect of a society that’s collapsing, you just never want to think your society is going to collapse,” he said.

HBO host Bill Maher recently expressed a similar criticism during an appearance on “The View.”

“I think you lose all credibility,” Maher told Joy Behar who admitted she was afraid to criticize Biden.

“I do. My bond with my audience has always been I don’t pull a punch. My bond with my audience is you’re not going to like everything I say but you know I’m saying what I really think is true,” he said.

Frieda Powers


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