Rudy Giuliani said to be in talks with Jan. 6 panel on testifying, and the NY Times wants to slam him for it

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America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has expressed through his lawyer that he wishes to take a “less confrontational” stance with the House Jan. 6 committee, and he “is in discussions” about responding to the committee’s questions.

That is the “news” the New York Times used to publish a ridiculously long, unbelievably biased article Saturday, and it’s now being used on social media to further malign the man who took down the mob and comforted the nation through the horrific events of 9/11.

When an article begins with, “Rudolph W. Giuliani, who as former President Donald J. Trump’s lawyer helped lead the effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election…” the notion of actual, factual reporting goes out the window, but that’s exactly how the Times broke the story.

The article then lists a bunch of people “familiar with the matter” and an anonymous committee aide or two to speculate wildly on Giuliani’s motivations and the potential implications of his so-far unconfirmed willingness to cooperate with what many, including Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), have described as a “sham investigation.”

“The extent of any assistance that Mr. Giuliani might provide remains unclear and the negotiations could easily fall apart, especially as Mr. Trump continues to publicly rail against the investigation,” the Times reported.

On January 18, Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Russian-American Boris Epshteyn were subpoenaed by the House Committee investigating the events at the Capitol.

According to a report from The Hill last month, the committee wrote in Giuliani’s subpoena, “You actively promoted claims of election fraud on behalf of former President Trump and sought to convince state legislators to take steps to overturn the election results.”

Furthermore, the subpoena alleges Guiliani “urged President Trump to direct the seizure of voting machines around the country after being told that the Department of Homeland Security had no lawful authority to do so.”

Voting machines, presumably, like the Dominion ones in Georgia, where the feds are now busy trying to keep the findings in an analytical report of the equipment under lock and key.

But the New York Times isn’t concerned about any findings or annoying data.

They’d much rather spend their energy on catching Mr. Giuliani in a hypothetical “CYA” moment, suggesting he may be playing ball in order to avoid a “costly” legal fight over the subpoena.

“By engaging with the committee, Mr. Giuliani could also make it more difficult for the House to issue a criminal referral of him to the Justice Department for contempt of Congress if he in the end does not comply with the subpoena,” the article deduces.

The Times then fantasizes about flipping Rudy Giuliani against President Trump.

“Should Mr. Giuliani ultimately provide the committee with substantive cooperation, it would be a major breakthrough for the investigation and a breach in the relationship between Mr. Trump and one of his closest if most problematic advisers,” the article reads, adding without context, “Mr. Giuliani was instrumental not only in the post-Election Day effort to keep Mr. Trump in power but also in the pressure campaign on Ukraine that led to Mr. Trump’s first impeachment.”

All the “ifs,” “maybes,” “could bes” and “people familiar with the matter” in the New York Times’ article have been batted around on social media, as liberal Twitter users drooled over the opportunity to insult Rudy Giuliani.

“Not surprising that Rudy Giuliani is reportedly in talks to testify to the 1/6 committee… Giuliani is selfish enough to sell Trump out to try to save himself, and idiotic enough to testify to the committee without a plea/immunity deal in place with the DOJ,” tweeted the Palmer Report.

“I don’t trust Rudy as far as I can throw him — how about you?” asked professional sycophant Jon Cooper.

And Rolling Stone, like a group of gossiping high school girls, wants to know, “Is he ready to squeal on Trump?”

Here at American Wire News, we’re taking a nutty approach: We’re going to wait until there are some actual facts from people with actual names, and then we’ll write our report.

Melissa Fine


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