‘Something is happening in Chicago’: Residents fill City Council Chambers with refreshing chants

A breath of fresh air blew through the Windy City and into the Chicago City Council Chambers as frustrated residents of the Democrat-run metropolis broke into joyous chants of “Go Red!” and “No More Blue, No Matter Who!”

“Something is happening in Chicago,” wrote Real America’s Voice (RAV) “Law & Border” host Ben Bergquam on X.

“The inner city realizes they have been controlled by Democrats for decades and nothing has gotten better,” Bergquam explained. “Now they’re being sold out and replaced by illegals. They are done with Joe Biden and the open borders Democrats. Chicago and many cities across America are turning #MAGA #Trump2024.”

“Despite decades of Democratic rule, issues such as crime, poverty, and inequality continue to plague Chicago’s neighborhoods, leaving residents feeling neglected and marginalized,” Bergquam wrote for Frontline America. “The chants in the City Council Chambers signal a shift in attitudes and a willingness to challenge the status quo. Residents are no longer willing to accept the same old promises from politicians who have failed to deliver on their commitments.”

“We’ve had enough,” said one of the chanting residents. “It’s time for real change, and that starts with holding our elected officials accountable.”

As BizPac Review has reported, frustration over Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s lack of transparency in the housing of illegal migrants is the latest concern to plague the city’s struggling residents.

The city has set up a website that claims to track how $300 million has been spent on the invading immigrants, but it still fails to explain, among other things, “how migrant shelter sites are selected and how much building owners are profiting off the migrant crisis,” according to local station WMAQ.

“I think it’s a bit more translucent than transparent,” 40th Ward Ald. Andre Vasquez told the station. “You get some information but not the full picture.”

Via Freedom of Information Act requests, WMAQ learned that the city’s largest shelter in Pilsen houses roughly 2,300 migrants for $38,000 a night, $280,000 a week, or $2.5 million for three months.

Meanwhile, another shelter in Ogden reportedly cost taxpayers $1.8 million during a three-month period last fall.

“And at the Inn of Chicago, which at one time provided 1,500 beds, the cost was $344,626 per week. The bed rate for one year at the former hotel would generate $17 million,” WMAQ reported.

And, according to Bergquam, Chicago isn’t the only progressive city that has had enough.

“The uprising in Chicago reflects a broader trend across the country, where disenfranchised communities are increasingly vocalizing their dissatisfaction with traditional political parties,” he writes. “As calls for change grow louder, politicians will be forced to listen or risk being swept aside by a tide of grassroots activism and demand for accountability.”


Melissa Fine


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