State Department spox defends new anti-America DEI hire

The Biden administration continues to defend its new controversial, anti-American diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) chief.

Hired earlier this month, DEI chief Zakiya Carr Johnson is an extremely disturbing figure with Marxist views about America. During a State Department briefing Thursday, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins pressed department spokesperson Matthew Miller about these views.

“In a 2019 piece she claimed America’s organizations and institutions were, quote, ‘riddled with racism, patriarchy, and exclusion,’ that they refused to reconcile with the colonizing past, and called them a, quote, ‘failed historic model,'” he said.

“Do you find those comments problematic?” Jenkins then asked.

Listen to Miller’s answer below:

“So I would say that, first of all, our new Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Zakiya Carr Johnson is one of the most qualified experts in this field,” Miller replied.

“She has 20 years of experience working to expand diversity, and it’s something that we see as important here at the State Department that the Secretary has put a premium on because he believes that when our workforce looks like America and reflects the full diversity of America, our workforce is stronger and our ability to protect America’s national security is improved and enhanced. And that’s why he selected her to do this incredibly important job,” he added.

Continuing his response, he claimed only a few “individuals” and “former officials” (like Trump-era Secretary of State Mike Pompeo) have been complaining about her words, and that their complaints are rooted in a disagreement over the supposed benefits of DEI.

“Certain former officials don’t seem – for whatever reason – to support our work to expand diversity inside the State Department,” he said. “And that’s just where we have an honest agreement – disagreement where we think that’s work that we ought to do and we ought to hire experts who have experience in doing that. And that’s what we’re going to continue to do, and I think we’re just going to have to disagree with some of those critics.”

Jenkins responded by reading the following recent quote from Pompeo: “The State Department should be staffed by individuals who love America and believe in our core principles, not ideologues who think that America represents a ‘failed historic model.’”

“Do you want to respond to that?” Jenkins then asked.

“Well, apparently, he believes there are different ways to love America because one of the ways we believe you can best love America is to love its full diversity and build a workforce that reflects that full diversity,” Miller replied before moving on to a different question.

So how much of a leftist Marxist is Johnson?

According to The Heritage Foundation, she previously worked for a leftist NGO in Brazil and is a staunch supporter of the nation’s current tyrannical, Marxist president, Inacio Lula Da Silva.

Moreover, her views of America “come straight out of the critical race theory (CRT) playbook: the U.S. is systemically rotten, and thus requires systemic overhaul,” the foundation notes.

“Because we live and work within systems, and those systems, as I mentioned before, are so deeply rooted in patriarchy, in colonialism, in racism, in otherism, we tend to be very resistant to shifts and changes,” she reportedly said in a video made in 2020.

“In order to make any change, we’ve literally got to be about dismantling that traditional structure at every juncture. … [Society is] laden with traditions that already carry power dynamics, be they from histories of colonialism, or patriarchy, or misogyny. There are hierarchies and values, and those values really make it difficult to navigate and think about a future that is different than the way things have always been,” she added.

But there’s more.

“Everything is interconnected, whether we are combatting racism, confronting patriarchy, or dismantling white supremacy,” she wrote in a paper she co-authored in 2020 for Germany’s Heinrich Boll Foundation.

She co-authored the paper alongside other members of the intersectionality group Action Circle.

She added that she would “challenge this group not to fall victim to a Eurocentric mindset.”

“I do not believe that the way we construct solutions to the most pressing issues we are facing in this world should model a colonizer’s map of how to do things,” she wrote.

Many feel this woman resents America and the West at large, raising the question of why the hell she’s working in the State Department …

Vivek Saxena


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