‘Tell what the govt. wants to HIDE’: Glenn Beck pulls back the tin foil on so-called ‘conspiracy theories’

If there is one thin silver lining to the chaos Americans have witnessed in recent years, it is that the tin-foil brigade — that group of research-driven free-thinkers who willingly dive down rabbit holes and emerge reporting murky money trails, false-flag psy-ops, and Deep State connections to just about every major headline-grabbing event — have, in large part, been vindicated.

So-called “conspiracy theories” and the “red-pilled” masses who embrace them have, with increasing frequency, been proven accurate thanks in large part to brave whistleblowers, determined diggers, and newly-opened floodgates from the likes of Elon Musk and the Twitter Files.

Glenn Beck, a man who has for decades been slapped with the once-derided “conspiracy theorist” label, decided to compile a list, and, in a lengthy Twitter thread, shine a light on those things “the government wants to HIDE.”

“The government’s APPROVED media and experts shut down questions & speech they don’t like with two words: ‘CONSPIRACY THEORY,'” The Blaze founder wrote on Wednesday.  “But you can often tell what the government wants to HIDE by tracking what gets labeled a conspiracy theory.”

“This list,” he noted, “is just from recent history.”


Beck started his tin-foil timeline back in June 2010, when, “The Obama Administration told us it was CONSPIRACY THEORY to think that Obamacare would make you lose your doctor and health plan.”

By October 2013, “NBC News finally admitted that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right after all.”

Less than a year later, Beck began warning that the Caliphate — a political-religious Muslim state — would reform and was “LAUGHED at” for his efforts.

In June 2014, “All those laughs stopped when ISIS formally established the Caliphate.”

Once President Trump took office and the media blatantly rallied around his political opponents in an effort to destroy him, conspiracy theories blanketed the nation and the phrase took on a more sinister note as social media giants, government officials, and intelligence agencies weaponized the term and began silencing those who dared to deviate from the approved narratives.

In 2018, Americans were repeatedly told that Trump “was colluding with Russia” and anyone who doubted it was a Putin puppet.

Conservatives reported that their Twitter accounts were being “shadow-banned,” their tweets dropped into an algorithmic abyss, or, worse, their accounts were permanently banned for spreading “misinformation.”

Both “conspiracies” were proven true in 2022.

The Russia-collusion narrative crumbled when The New York Times finally admitted “they were wrong,” and with Musk’s purchase of Twitter and the release of the now-famous “Twitter Files,” we learned that accounts were indeed censored to benefit the progressive left.

And then came COVID, and suddenly, even once-respected virologists, cardiologists, and independent journalists were deemed “DANGEROUS” threats to society.

Question the efficacy of masks, the origins of the virus, the safety of the vaccines, or the necessity of lockdowns, and you were a grandma-killing denier of The Science.

Also in 2020, as voters were again heading to the polls, you were a threat to democracy and a Kremlin croney if you suggested that Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop and the “damning documents” discovered on it were anything other than a “disinformation campaign.”

It took two years for the mainstream media to admit it was “real all along.”

You were ridiculous if you thought the global elites wanted you to eat bugs, and you were a racist extremist if you said Critical Race Theory was being pushed in your kids’ classrooms.

Time and again, that which was ridiculed and dismissed was later proven true and accurate, and Beck didn’t even mention aliens, the border, child grooming and trafficking, or the assassination of JFK.

And still the media, for the most part, chooses to ignore warnings from the tin foil brigade.

What, for example, are the real-world implications of a weaponized FBI raiding the home of a former president at the behest of a sitting president?

And what is really happening with the U.S. dollar?

If history is any indication, the truth is indeed out there, and it will likely emerge in the months and years to come.

But until it does, how dystopian will America become?

According to Beck, the answer lies in the hands of those who are in “control.”

“Control the media, control the ‘experts’, control the narrative …” he concluded, “control the COUNTRY.”


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Melissa Fine


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