Texas cattle found dead with tongues cut out, no blood spilled calls to mind ‘The X-Files’

Texas authorities are investigating the deaths of six cows who were found dead and mutilated along a state highway with their tongues “completely removed,” according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

“Ranchers advised [authorities that] a 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow had been found lying on her side, deceased, and mutilated on their ranch,” the sheriff’s office reported in a Facebook post published Wednesday.

“A straight, clean cut, with apparent precision, had been made to remove the hide around the cow’s mouth on one side, leaving the meat under the removed hide untouched. The tongue was also completely removed from the body with no blood spill,” the unusual post continued.

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Madison County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the death and mutilation of cattle along TX-OSR.

Ranchers advised a…

Posted by Madison County Sheriff’s Office Texas on Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Here’s the thing: The missing tongue with no blood is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strangeness of what occurred in Texas.

For example, the authorities spotted no signs of struggle, and the grass around the body was completely undisturbed. There were also no footprints or tire tracks.

And get this: “Ranchers also reported that no predators or birds would scavenge the remains of the cow, leaving it to decay untouched for several weeks,” according to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

While looking into this particular cow’s death, the authorities soon located five other dead cows in the same geographic region, albeit in different locations, pastures, and herds.

“The other cows were found in the same condition, lying on one side with the exposed side of their face cut along the jaw line and the tongue, once again, completely removed,” according to the sheriff’s office.

But there was one noticeable difference: “On two of the five cows, a circular cut was made removing the anus and the external genitalia. This circular cut was made with the same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow.”

Other than this difference, the deaths of all six cows were exactly the same: precision cuts, no struggle, no blood, no tracks, no scavengers even.

So what the hell is going on? Nobody knows for certain, though the most popular theory is … aliens.

No joke.


The theory is based on the fact that it would be impossible for a human or team of humans to make such precision cuts out in the middle of nowhere.

The theory is also rooted in the fact that, while this news is bizarre, it’s actually nothing remotely new, as these sorts of killings have been happening for decades. In fact, the High Plains Journal ran a piece about this phenomenon just last year.

“It was the mid-1990s when Eli Hronich of Raton, New Mexico, first stumbled upon a dead calf, with its tongue, eyes and reproductive organs removed—and completely devoid of blood,” the piece, published on Oct. 28th of last year, begins.

“This haunting scene would become one he would discover another 40 times over the next 30 years, with the most recent death occurring in 2022. He is now in his 70s and has been ranching his entire life, and says these cattle mutilations are unlike any other deaths he has seen,” it continues.

“When you find one, you know what it is immediately. People will try to play it down as a natural death or coyotes, but it’s completely different,” Hronich told the paper.

But even his experiences with this phenomenon barely touches the surface. There have in fact been “thousands” of similar reports over the last 50 years.

“Mutilated cattle are often found missing body parts of no commercial value, such as ears, tongues, udders, brains, eyes or reproductive organs—and there are no teeth marks, these animals have been sliced with what some call surgical precision,” according to the High Plains Journal.

“Sometimes their bodies are drained of blood, bones are broken, scavengers avoid the carcasses and a medicinal smell is reported at some kill sites. Additionally, some animals have been found to have strange substances in their blood, such as barbiturates, mescaline, anti-coagulates and potassium cyanide.”

And like with the cows in Texas, there are never any tracks around the deceased animals.

“It sounds like an episode of ‘The X-Files,'” the paper admits.

Exactly. For the uninitiated, “The X-Files” was an extremely popular science fiction series about two FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, investigating and solving cases involving paranormal activity — including activity by alien beings.

Despite cow mutilations having been happening now for decades, investigators remain as lost as they were half a century ago.

“Considering how long the mystery has lingered, fear of the unknown trumps all other concerns. If an unfamiliar noise awakens you in the night, it can be transformed into a million petrifying possibilities until the moment your cat reveals itself as the perpetrator. But without an answer, these mutilations are similar to a thief in the night—anonymous, confounding and frightening to those in their wake and they will remain that way until answers are uncovered,” the Journal’s piece concludes.


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