‘That’s not proof!’ Bolling, Comer clash over Hunter Biden potentially pleading the 5th

A key GOP chair was challenged on the seriousness of the Biden investigations during a contentious back and forth: “That’s not proof!”

(Video: Newsmax)

With Thursday’s announcement from the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability that Hunter Biden would sit for deposition, committee chair Kentucky Rep. James Comer (R) was all too ready to declare a victory. Newsmax host Eric Bolling readily rained on that parade however, as he questioned what good speculative proof does when Americans are after tangible accountability.

“I want Hunter Biden to come in and answer these questions,” Comer said during his appearance on “The Balance” Thursday. “We won the battle because Hunter Biden doesn’t want to come in. There’s no good answer for these questions and for-”

“But if he comes in, sir, and pleads the Fifth 150 times, who wins?” the host pushed back.

“Well, then I think we win. I think the American people see that this is a shady influence-peddling scheme. The president of the United States was the central figure in it-” the congressman replied, seemingly ready to reiterate the allegations against then-Vice President Joe Biden and his family for criminal bribery before he was cutoff.

“Sir, respectfully, respectfully, chairman, if he comes in — you don’t hold him in contempt, he’s able to waltz in the way he waltzed in all cocky and arrogant with his buddies on the side — yeah, there was Secret Service. But those two guys weren’t Secret Service flanking him — he does it again, he’s got the cameras rolling. He goes in and pleads the Fifth 100 times. I can’t say you won,” contended Bolling. “I — listen, I want you to win. I want you to win. I want the American people to win. That guy is as corrupt and criminal as they come. We all want to see him accountable. That’s why I’m saying so, you know, go ahead. I’m sorry. Floor is yours.”

Resetting his argument, Comer spoke of him and House Judiciary Committee chair Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan being “in agreement.”

“We want Hunter Biden to come in. If he can’t answer the questions, if he pleads the Fifth, then, then I think everyone in America knows the answer,” argued the legislator. “They know that there were 20 shell companies. They know that the Bidens took in $27 million from our enemies around the world. They know that Joe Biden was a central figure in this case. If we don’t bring him in for a deposition, then the media is going to try to continue to sow seeds of doubt in the American people’s mind that, well, now this wasn’t something that Joe Biden was involved in-”

Unmoved by Comer framing a victory that didn’t include concrete consequences after proving the allegations against the Bidens in a trial, Bolling said, “Call me crazy…I prefer the former. I’d like to see him arrested and you don’t get your ‘I plead the Fifth’ 100 times and I don’t think ‘I plead the Fifth’ — you can’t even use that. You won’t even be able to use that! That’s not proof!”

The GOP congressman responded with a suggestion that the matter was coming to a conclusion one way or another as he addressed disputes over how a hearing would take place.

“They’ve been saying they wanted a public hearing! Look, I’ve been getting killed in the press saying we won’t give him a public hearing. He can have a public hearing, but you know darn well he doesn’t want a public hearing,” Comer said. “He doesn’t want to come in and plead the Fifth on TV. Bring him in! [We’re] gonna have an opportunity to answer questions. If he can’t answer questions, then, then it’s pretty much case closed.”

Hunter Biden is expected to sit for deposition on Feb. 28 before the House Oversight Committee.

Kevin Haggerty


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