Tim Tebow: It’s way more important to be significant, than to be just successful

As the holidays are now in full swing, Tim Tebow joined Fox News’ Trey Gowdy to share what he thought brings the most meaning to the celebrations.

Gowdy asked the Heisman Trophy winner to share some advice for those who may have difficulty finding joy in the holidays this year. Tebow answered simply, “Because we have the chance to be grateful.”

He said that not only does this practice help someone improve their spiritual life, but that it has also been proven to enhance their physical and mental health.

Tebow referenced several university studies on the subject that implementing gratitude into your life on a daily basis not only contributes to an “overall better life”, but that it changes your “biochemistry for the better.”

Experts at the University of Southern California have found what Tebow professed to be true. Glenn Fox, a neuroscientist at USC who studies the emotion of gratitude, says that there are numerous advantages to expressing the emotion, and not just around the holidays.

“Benefits associated with gratitude include better sleep, more exercise, reduced symptoms of physical pain, lower levels of inflammation, lower blood pressure and a host of other things we associate with better health,” Fox said. “The limits to gratitude’s health benefits are really in how much you pay attention to feeling and practicing gratitude.”

Experts advise that to truly experience the benefits of being grateful, it’s helpful to integrate the practice into your daily life. Whether that be consciously acknowledging the things you are grateful for, verbalizing them, or writing them down, the longer the action is repeated, the better you become.

“It’s very similar to working out, in that the more you practice, the better you get,” Fox said. “The more you practice, the easier it is to feel grateful when you need it.”

Tebow would know a thing or two about practice. In fact, his own statements about gratitude echo those from Fox. Tebow said that even when life gets tough “we can still choose to be grateful for something each and every day.”

Gowdy then turned his questions to the new year. “We have this gift of the new year, life is a gift, the new year could be a fresh start, how do we start to live lives of significance and meaning?” the former South Carolina congressman asked.

Tebow said that for someone looking to imbue their lives with meaning that the first step would be to look outwards.

“I think it’s to look outside of them, right? When you talk about success, it’s about you. When you wanna talk about significance, it’s about other people. And so many times in our lives we’re searching for success. So many days in my life I wanted to be successful, but at the end of my life I would rather be significant than just successful.”

Tebow said that he thinks it’s acceptable to seek both but one will yield the greater results when it comes to impact and fulfillment. “I believe every single one of us can go after both but way more important is significance than success.”


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