Trans activist, mom of TWO transgender kids, wants to make Minnesota a ‘trans refuge’

The concept of gender-affirming care being “life-saving” medical treatment is little more than opinion being presented as fact, even by doctors themselves, as there are no long-term studies that substantiate this claim — in fact, there are some studies that suggest that the opposite may be true.

Either way, the fad of transgenderism is wreaking havoc on society and transgender activists are pushing for more and more gains. A recent example of this was seen this week in Minnesota, as an activist testified in support of a bill making the state a “trans refuge.”

Democratic state Rep. Leigh Finke sponsored a bill to protect access to puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and sex change procedures for children — in effect, protecting parents who travel to Minnesota to mutilate the genitals of their pre-puberty children from legal repercussions of out-of-state laws.

A man who identified himself as Amber Mum, saying that he was a transgender woman who uses she/her pronouns, touts the fact that his two children are “transgender and gender-expansive.”

“I am a member of the St. Cloud Hive of the Parents and Allies of Trans Youth, the transgender movement for liberation, and a member of the Tea Time Support Group run by The Aliveness Project,” Mum explained. “I am also a proud transgender woman, but, more importantly, I am the mother of two wonderful transgender and gender-expansive children. I drove down from St. Cloud to show my support for House File 146 and thank Representative Finke for introducing such an important and lifesaving bill to protect trans children and their families at such a critical time for us.”

He then set his sights on legislative efforts around the country designed to protect young children from permanent, life-altering body mutilation when they are too young to understand the full ramifications of such procedures.

“As you may be aware, there’s a torrent of damaging, ill-informed and outright malicious legislation being introduced across the country targeting transgender and gender-expansive people broadly, but trans children in particular,” said the man who imagines himself to be a woman.

“It is our daily experience to be forced to keep track of which state is safe for us to visit. Minnesota has been overall very accepting and supportive of our family, but even then we don’t feel 100% safe and assured that we will be able to get the gender-affirming care that both of my kids need and deserve. Very recently, an amendment was proposed to House File 16 in Minnesota, which bans children’s conversion therapy in an attempt to ban essential health care for transgender children.”

Noting that he is in a relationship with a trans partner, the man claimed that they have entertained the notion of leaving the U.S. if children are protected.

“My trans partner and I frequently discuss plans to flee the country if these targeted, hateful bills keep being introduced or passed. I never thought that it would come to that, but here we are,” he said.

“Even in the state that is considered safer for trans children and their families, being forced from our homes and having to seek asylum elsewhere is an almost daily conversation in my community,” the man continued. “As someone who started transitioning well into her adulthood, I know better than most how essential and lifesaving gender-affirming medical care is. Going through enabled puberty was a traumatizing experience for me. I am so grateful that trans and gender-expansive kids have access to the knowledge and medical care to be their full selves and thrive.”

Repeating the myth that gender-affirming care is “lifesaving medical care,” he said it would be “barbaric and morally repugnant” if parents and healthcare officials were prosecuted for harming children.

He concluded: “House File 146 would give parents of transgender children like myself, and, more importantly, transgender and gender-expansive children themselves across the nation, a safe haven in an overwhelmingly supportive community. I urge the committee to move House File 146 forward and ultimately pass it to protect the rights and futures of our beloved and precious transgender children and their families.”

Tom Tillison


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