Trans activists having ‘nightmares’ after showdown with conservative Matt Walsh on ‘Dr. Phil’

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Conservative Christian commentator Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire made an appearance on Dr. Phil McGraw’s eponymously named “Dr. Phil” television talk show this week to debate several advocates of transgender ideology.

Included among the advocates was Addison, a so-called “non-binary” individual who appears to look like a woman body-wise and hair-wise but who has a full beard and a somewhat deep voice; and Ethan, a so-called “non-binary” individual who looks like a man but has an unusually squeaky voice.

Over the course of the program, Walsh systematically dismantled the advocates’ underwhelming arguments. As one Walsh fan put it on Twitter, he “ate these folks up on national goddam TV.” Yes, he did.

So much so, in fact, that Addison later complained on Instagram that both of them have “had numerous nightmares and depression spirals” ever since the episode was aired.

Luckily for those who missed the show, the proud Christian commentator has been posting clips of his “best of” comments to Twitter.

Here’s one particularly popular clip:

In the clip, Walsh asks the advocates to simply define the term “woman.”

“One of the problems with this left-wing gender ideology is that no one who espouses it can even tell you what these words means. Like what is a woman? Can you tell me what a woman is?” he asks in the clip.

“No, I can’t, because it’s not for me to say. Womanhood looks different for everybody,” Ethan replies.

Addison then jumps in to ask, “What do you define a woman as?”

The Daily Wire commentator replies with the biological facts, stating, “As an adult human female.”

Addison then tries to one-up Walsh by asking, “And what does a female mean?”

Walsh again returns to biological facts, noting that womanhood is imprinted in one’s DNA: “That’s why if someone dies, OK, we could dig up their bones a hundred years from now, we have no idea what they believed in their head, but we can tell what sex they were because it’s ingrained in every fiber of their being.”

Addison responds with the unrelated question of how he’d identify a “cisgender woman” who lacks the ability to reproduce. Walsh ignored the question for obvious reasons — a so-called “cisgender woman” is a woman — and returned to his own original question.

“You stood up here and said ‘trans women’ are women. What do you mean? What is a woman?” he says.

Addison responds similarly to Ethan, claiming that womanhood is an “umbrella term” that encompasses anyone who identifies as a woman.

“Each woman, each man, each person is going to have a different relation with their own gender identity and define it differently,” Addison says, inspiring loud applause from what appears to be an extremely left-wing audience.

The clip ends with Walsh concluding that what advocates like Addison and Ethan are trying to do is “appropriate womanhood and turn it into basically a costume that could be worn.”

Below is another popular clip:

In this one, Walsh explains directly to Dr. Phil why allowing for pretend “gender pronouns” does a disservice to society.

“You can feel however you want. I mean, I could sit here and say that I feel like a tomato plant, but that doesn’t mean they’re actually those things. So you can have whatever self-perception you want, but you can’t expect me to take part in that self-perception or to take part in this kind of charade, this theatrical production,” he says.

“You don’t get your own pronouns just like you don’t get your own prepositions or your own your own adjectives. You know, it’s like if I were to tell you my adjectives are handsome and brilliant, and whenever you’re talking about me, you have to describe me as handsome and brilliant because that’s how I identify.”

The joking remark earns him zero applause from the audience, seemingly proving again that the audience is extremely left-wing.

“It makes no sense. You don’t get your own pronouns. That’s grammar; that’s language,” he concludes.

Below is another popular clip:

This one features a third advocate, Suzy D’Enbeau, a communications and gender associate professor at Kent State University.

In the clip, D’Enbea asks Walsh, “Part of me wants to ask why you care so much [about transgender ideology], because it’s really not that big of a deal.”

This question predictably inspires loud applause, but Walsh promptly claps back.

“I’d love to answer that question. I care about the truth, so basic truth matters. I want to live in a society where people care about the truth and we’re grounded in truth,” he says.

“I care about children, and these insane ideas about gender are being are being foist on kids, and that that bothers me quite a bit. I care about the women who are having their opportunities stolen from them. I care quite a bit,” Walsh says.

So do parents across the nation who’ve been spouting the same complaints:

And below is the final clip:

In this clip, the “woke professor,” as Walsh refers to her, tries to dismiss the verified fact that some so-called “transgender” people have exploited “transgender” bathroom rules to commit acts of harassment, voyeurism and violence.

Vivek Saxena


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