Transgender pastor defends ‘marginalized’ Nashville killer, compares to Jesus’ crucifixion

Micah Louwagie, the newly installed transgender pastor of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota, compared the transgender Nashville shooter’s death to Jesus being betrayed and then crucified less than a week after Audrey Hale went on a murder spree at a private Christian school.

Hale broke through the glass doors of the Covenant School in late March and then slaughtered three 9-year-olds and three staff at the school. The transgender shooter had reportedly been a student at the school at one point.

Louwagie delivered the Easter-themed sermon to the small congregation of fewer than 40 people at the church on April 2 and proceeded to go political, evidently defending the killer because the shooter was transgender. The activist pastor also advocated for gun control.

The woke pastor read the Biblical account of Jesus’ crucifixion and then immediately brought up the mass shooting in Nashville.


“Instead of focusing on ways this could’ve been prevented, such as gun control, a significant number of people have turned their attention to the shooter’s identity,” the pastor chided.

“Some folks have tried to focus on eradicating trans people as a solution, because they have been waiting, just waiting for an opportunity such as this. They’ve been waiting for a reason, any reason to stoke their hatred,” Louwagie proclaimed.

The pastor continued by besmirching “allies” of those who abandon and “betray” transgender persons. The activist proceeded to make the blasphemous comparison of the shooter to Jesus and His disciples who fled once he was arrested.

“Marginalized folks, those of us with the least amount of privilege and power, they need those who have more privilege and power than they do to physically place their bodies between them and the people, powers, and institutions that are literally killing them,” Louwagie declared.

The leftist pastor railed from the pulpit and compared the Pharisees’ treatment of Jesus to politicians who put forth laws against drag shows and transgender players in sports.

“Those leaders were looking for any excuse, valid or not, to crucify Jesus and they found that reason… It’s baffling to me that someone’s existence can be so threatening, that people decide they need to be controlled, that they need laws made against them, or even worse, that the people that they find so threatening should die,” Louwagie asserted, evidently referring to the two police officers who took down Hale.

The pastor didn’t stop there and later in the message continued by comparing the treatment of transgenders in the United States to those who were imprisoned, tortured, experimented on, and killed in the Holocaust as well as those who were sent to Japanese internment camps.

“Jesus did not die so violence could be perpetuated in God’s name. Jesus did not die for access to guns,” Louwagie raged from the pulpit, twisting the meaning of the death of Jesus for political purposes.

Louwagie, 28, has served as pastor at St. Mark’s since early January after being ordained in December. The leftist pastor was installed on February 12. Louwagie was chosen to serve St. Mark’s in a unanimous congregational vote, marking the first openly transgender pastor to be chosen for that position in a North Dakota parish that’s part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Part of the social-justice-themed Easter sermon was shared by the Twitter account “Woke Preacher Clips.” The account shows that the transgender pastor is not the only one preaching gun control and defending transgenderism, including drag shows for children.



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