Trump campaign reacts to Biden’s ‘disgusting’ Mother’s Day ad

No holiday is sacred to President Joe Biden who already proved it with his marking of something called the Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday.

Now his team used Mother’s Day as the excuse to launch a “disgusting” new ad fearmongering moms to reject the candidacy of former President Donald J. Trump, a lowball move that was denounced by the former president and his campaign.

“Donald Trump wants to separate mothers from their children and allow laws that rip away IVF access and monitor women’s pregnancies,” the Biden-Harris HQ said in an X post sharing its short video. “This Mother’s Day, do the moms in your life a favor: Stop Trump.”

(Video: YouTube)

The 40-second clip shows glowing mothers with their newborn babies before cutting to what appears to be a female illegal alien being hauled off, stating “This is how Trump treats mothers” and a media announcer claiming that if elected, Trump would go to the Orwellian extreme of monitoring pregnancies and then selectively edited clips of the presumptive GOP nominee.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” words on the bottom of the ad read before the screen goes dark.”But not from Donald Trump.”

Trump’s campaign slammed the ad as “disgusting” and especially for Mother’s Day.

“What a sad, miserable, cowardly existence Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign must have to make such a disgusting ad on such a joyous day. Their lives are obviously filled with anger, hate, and resentment because they clearly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Team Trump said in a statement to Fox News Digital.

The ad was also criticized by X users.

“On Mother’s Day, a reminder: Donald Trump stands only for himself and not mothers across America and their families,” the Biden-Harris team said. “The stakes of this election are high for all Americans, but especially moms across our country who will suffer under a second Trump term.”

“Under Trump, the government will be allowed to monitor their pregnancies and rip their families apart. Meanwhile, President Biden is fighting to bring back his historic expanded Child Tax Credit to give families a little extra breathing room and ensure paid leave for all Americans,” Biden’s campaign team claimed.

“I never said that ‘some states may choose to monitor women’s pregnancies to possibly prosecute for violating any abortion bans.’ This was made up by Democrats and the Fake News Media,” Trump said on Truth Social earlier this month, debunking the propaganda.

Chris Donaldson


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