Tucker Carlson: The world no longer cares what Joe Biden says, just ask Starbucks

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President Joe Biden’s much-ballyhooed solo press conference Wednesday proved that he’s become a “laughing stock” whose policies and positions no longer have any bearing on the global stage, according to Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The host spent his entire monologue on Wednesday’s edition of Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” dissecting the speech to prove his core thesis that “no one is listening to Joe Biden anymore,” including Americans.

“No one is listening to Joe Biden anymore. He is weak. He commands no respect. The world no longer cares what he says,” the Fox News host said.

To prove this point, he first cited Starbucks’ just-announced decision to scrap its vaccine mandate.

“As if to prove it, just hours before Biden spoke today, Starbucks — the left-wing coffee chain [that], under usual circumstances, worships Joe Biden and his party — Starbucks, announced its 200,000 employees no longer have to get the vaccine. It was mandatory in Starbucks. It’s not anymore. They’re dropping that requirement,” he said.

“This is in direct contradiction to Joe Biden’s personal orders. Just a few weeks ago, Biden warned of a ‘winter of severe illness and death.’ What an upbeat guy he is. But only for the unvaccinated. And yet at Starbucks, the unvaccinated baristas are still standing, still pouring those lattes, and now they’re getting back to work. What does this mean? Well, it means they decided the senile mannequin in the White House knows less about COVID than they do. And they may be on to something.”

The “senile mannequin in the White House” is of course Biden, though some say he’s more of a “houseplant” than a mannequin.

Carlson then moved on to Israel, where a top government adviser has come out against vaccine passports and admitted that the administration has “made mistakes,” the biggest of which was shutting down schools.

The adviser has also acknowledged that “the virus is still better at immunizing than the vaccine,” meaning that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity.

“Better pull that man off Twitter, what does he know? That’s Professor Cyrille Cohen. He’s the head of immunology at Bar Ilan University. He’s a member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the Israeli government,” Carlson said.

“And obviously [he’s] a thought criminal. What did he do? Well, he looked at the data and concluded that scientists have made a major mistake. ‘The virus is better at immunizing than the vaccine.'”

Biden meanwhile refuses to admit any errors in judgment. As far as he’s concerned, his performance as president has been above par.

“Professor Cohen went on to apologize for the biggest mistake of the pandemic: shutting down schools and forcing children to stay home, which destroyed a generation. It turns out there was no scientific basis for doing that at all. It was all teachers’ unions wanting more time off,” Carlson continued.

“Omicron, the professor said, will turn this pandemic into the endemic phase. It’ll be like the flu, a widespread but mild illness. Everybody gets it, and very few are badly hurt by it. And we should proceed accordingly.”

This rhetoric, the Fox News host noted, completely contrasts with the rhetoric of President Biden. So does the rhetoric being seen in the U.K.

“So today, as Joe Biden pushed everyone to take a third COVID shot, calling it the optimum protection you can have .. Boris Johnson, the prime minister of Great Britain, announced an end to all mandates and all lockdowns in Great Britain, including in schools,” Carlson revealed.

Meanwhile, President Biden is still strongly encouraging businesses to force mask/vaccine mandates on their customers and employees.

This shows, Carlson said, that whereas “the United States used to lead the world, particularly in the field of science,” these days other nations like Israel and the U.K. are taking the lead thanks to the U.S. president’s weakness.

“Countries which have COVID at least as seriously as we did, have decided that what we’ve done for the last two years doesn’t work. And they’re changing their policies. They’re freeing their population from the yoke of this insanity. All of that was happening at the very moment Biden was preparing for his big solo press conference,” he said.

“At the same moment that Boris Johnson announced that masks don’t work, Joe Biden declared that he’s going to send 400 million masks to American citizens so that every person in America can be safe for a day.”

This is true.

It’s as if, as the rest of the world is taking steps forward, America is taking steps  backwards under President Biden.

“It is lunacy. It’s depressing to watch and has massive implications. Again, this is not global leadership, it’s the opposite. This is what it looks like when you’re a global laughingstock. … They act like there’s no cost to covering your face. But the truth is, human beings need to see one another’s faces. It’s not optional. We pretend that it is,” Carlson concluded.

“Any society that ignores natural imperatives, things as basic as seeing other people’s faces, will destroy itself and the people who live within it. Everyone knows that. What you just saw is not science, it’s mental illness. Joe Biden apparently doesn’t know that, and that’s why even Starbucks no longer listens to him.”

It appears nobody, in fact, listens to him …

And as for those who do, all they seem to have for him is complaints about how he’s “the worst president in history,” about how they’re “beginning to feel sorry” for him and about how his rhetoric is “sheer lunacy.”

Vivek Saxena


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