Tucker praises noncompliant who defied COVID tyranny; some fans ask him to check his privilege

COVID tyranny and the lasting ripple effects did not go unchecked by Tucker Carlson as his latest speech skirted corporate media taboos while one renowned doctor raised new concerns.

Since being forced out at Fox News, Carlson has shown the power of free speech unshackled by sponsors and investors. In addition to challenging Republican presidential primary candidates during a Friday forum of long-form interviews, the political commentator was given a stage to speak his mind at Saturday’s Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It was there that he called out how pervasive diktats were with regard to COVID with a nod to the courage of those who defied.

“During COVID, there were people who didn’t kind of play along. We knew what the rules were and every organization in American life, every large group of people in American life from, really, from your government to the entire media, in some cases, your church, were all telling you the same thing: here are the rules,” Carlson began, establishing the scope of the confrontation in a clip shared by Vigilant Fox.

“If you are a good person, you will follow these rules. You will mask, you will separate, you will stay at home, you’ll take our shot. No, we have no idea what’s in it, we don’t know its long-term effects,” he continued, pinpointing some of the absurdity, “but shut up, this is a moral test. And if you want to pass, you will obey.”

“And there will be people who decide to opt-out, but they are, and everyone agreed on this, moral criminals. They’re outlaws,” the former primetime host said, striking a nerve with some who took offense at the disparate impact draconian policies had.

“But wait a minute,” a comment read. “Yes we DID…say, ‘wait, no I’m not doing that.’ We absolutely did say that and you know what happened @TuckerCarlson? We got FIRED. We lost family and friends. And we’re still living in fear because we know the next lockdown is coming and it’s going to happen again, but only with more force and determination. I love you Tucker, but you are a lil unaware speaking as a wealthy person who can withstand the pain the [common] folks have had to endure. I can go on and on here about how this has impacted me and my family.”

However, Carlson appeared to have nothing but support for those who did take a stand as he continued with support from the audience noting “outlaws” in attendance. “They’re sitting over there. They’re standing right here. There are always some people who are going to be or gifted with whatever that weird gene is. It’s like eight percent of the population who are proud to stand apart and be like, no.”

Further highlighting the importance of those who stood apart, an appearance by Dr. Peter McCullough on “The Alex Jones Show” included a rising concern about what was in the oft-mandated shots that could be related to a rise in cancer patients.

“Besides variation in the amount of messenger RNA in it, there’s contamination with cDNA. These are little fragments of DNA that come off the manufacturing process,” he explained. “And one of them, Alex, you’re not going to believe this, is SV40. SV40 is a known cancer-promoting segment of DNA. And yes, they’re in the shots.”

In the clip, also shared by Vigilant Fox, Jones sought clarity as he noted, “I’m not a scientist like you and a famous published person, but I know that mainline news reports that many cancers — I saw federal documents — they estimated 98 million Americans had cancer or related cancer from SV40 contamination in the 50s, 60s and 70s with live polio. Explain what SV40 or Simian Virus 40 is and how big a deal it is that you just said. And I’ve been seeing this in the literature now that SV40 is in there.”

“SV40 turns on cancer genes in the human body. To make matters worse, the spike protein, the S2 segment, in a paper from University of Pittsburgh by Singh and colleagues, it impairs the tumor suppressor systems P53 and BRCA. What I’m telling you is the shots promote cancer through SV40,” McCullough simplified, “and they inhibit our ability to fight cancer by suppressing the tumor suppressor system. So now this is looking very bad. Every system is showing cancer rates are up. So, that’s inarguable. The big question is, how much of this is due to the vaccines?”

Public health was not the only concern impacted by COVID that Carlson voiced. He also used his sarcasm to delve into election integrity with questions about President Joe Biden’s 81 million votes.

“That’s 15 million more than Barack Obama,” he said, “it seems like a lot, considering he didn’t campaign, and he can’t talk.”

“But there was just something about him,” Carlson joked. “It was that magic, and maybe you didn’t feel it. It’s like pistachio ice cream. It’s not a flavor for everybody. But the people who like it really like it; 81 million.”

“So settle down,” he added before mocking the notion that electronic voting machines were secure, unsecured ballot drop boxes couldn’t have been stuffed and that ID wasn’t necessary to maintain free and fair elections.

Kevin Haggerty


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