Tucker tells about his day with GOP candidates, and takes a hilarious Tucker-ish jab at Mike Pence

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was greeted like a rock star at the Turning Point Action event on Saturday night, getting a standing ovation just before he bluntly asserted that in President Biden’s America, “No one is punished for lying. People are only punished for telling the truth.”

The crowd shouted “Tucker! Tucker!” as he began to speak, showing that Carlson is more influential than ever. His strong message during his speech was to not settle for anything less than the truth and to always speak it despite the administration’s penchant for persecution. He cited issues such as the pandemic, January 6, the 2020 presidential elections, race, gender, and, of course, the war in Ukraine.

“After spending all day with them,” Carlson noted, referring to politicians, “I think I’ve learned a couple of things.”

“I can think of a couple of those things that are more edifying than savaging Mike Pence,” he joked. “The easy things are not rewarding.”

Carlson went on to tell the Florida crowd that what Republicans in D.C. care about is “very different from the things that matter to the people who vote for them.”

“Almost everybody in elected office in the Republican Party has internalized the other side’s rules for debate,” he stated, alluding to the fact that the GOP has already capitulated to the leftists before it ever tries to get its message across.

“The problem is nobody pushed back on the fundamental terms,” he continued.

Then he made a statement that literally set the left on fire and sent Rolling Stone into a meltdown.

“In America, you have the right to decide who you hate,” Carlson astutely commented. “If you are an adult, you get to decide.”

“So it’s totally fair to say ‘wait a second,'” concerning Russia, given that they “haven’t killed any Americans.”

He savaged leftists and the media for not even allowing people to “think about” the differing perspectives on the war in Ukraine.

“The first thing you do is stop the fighting,” Carlson declared.

If you’re a Christian leader and Christians are going to jail for their views, you are required to say something.” Carlson also stated. “And if you don’t, you’re not much of a Christian leader.”

Carlson torched Biden over his botching of the Ukraine conflict, “Leadership is bringing order… to a chaotic scene.”

“The democracy requires the public to sign off on wars, and it’s totally alien in Washington,” he added, referring to the president abdicating any form of leadership in the Ukrainian war.

The former Fox News icon is also concerned with the fentanyl epidemic being spread in America across our open borders. He also believes that our culture as a whole is dying and again, all of it can be laid directly at Biden’s feet.

“We don’t care enough about our civilization to keep it pretty, to keep it going,” Carlson said. “This is the collapse of civilization. And if you allow propagandists to set the terms… you’re probably not going to win.”

He also addressed the January 6 protest, asserting that it was a group of people who brought their grievances to Congress and didn’t riot in the streets. Instead, it was branded a “racist insurrection.”

He spoke of telling the truth as being a crime in America these days as well:

In the name of defending democracy, we took away the things we needed to have democracy. These include the outright censorship and suppression of Americans who ask questions, whether they be about COVID, the war, January 6 over which more than 1,000 Americans have been arrested, or the safety and security of American elections.

When something is very likely or clearly untrue it poses no threat to anyone.

No one is punished for lying, people are only punished for telling the truth.

“Thought crimes,” he said, are what are punished in our society. “Don’t put untrue things in your head on purpose.”

“How do you know what’s true?” Carlson proceeded to ask. “You can’t really know because you’re not God.”

The conservative pundit continued to elaborate on thought crimes and censorship.

“Who are the thought criminals and what are they saying?” he asked the audience, going on to note that “the people who censor your words and thoughts have a very well-calibrated sense of what’s important.”

“A lot of the debates we have are probably divergent to things that really matter,” Carlson pointed out. “The exponential growth of totally irrational claims from the other side… are actually designed to take people like me and send them off into a screaming fit so we don’t actually realize they’re ruining the country.”

“Look around and ask yourself what are the topics that no one’s even pushing back on,” he remarked.

Carlson also threw shade on the 2020 election in epic fashion during the speech.

Carlson laughed over the recently discovered cocaine in the White House, saying that it was his “favorite story of all time.”

“The thing about that story is a mystery to me,” Carlson said smiling. “No one was more shocked than I was. Are you serious? In the Biden White House, somebody left an eight-ball of cocaine. I said to my wife: ‘That’s just not in character.’ I just don’t believe it. It’s clearly a setup.”

“That was my favorite story of all time because it just explains all the behavior,” he snarked. “And that’s their entire approach.”

“After 27 years in the television business, don’t trust a man with numb gums,” he quipped.

For context, here is the full speech at the Turning Point Action event:

(Video Credit: Tucker Carlson TOT)

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