Tucker roasts geriatric windbag John Kerry, nihilistic climate ‘anti-human death cult’

Tucker Carlson took a flamethrower to climate czar John Kerry after the geriatric windbag’s unhinged remarks at the United Nations COP28 climate change summit in Dubai over the weekend.

A self-proclaimed “militant” when it comes to the elimination of fossil fuels, the former longtime U.S. senator and secretary of state demanded the elimination of coal plants  “anywhere in the world,” a crazed idea that would usher in a new dark age, one that the filthy rich elitist won’t be around to see.

In the latest edition of “Tucker on X” that debuted on Monday, the former Fox News ratings king offered some insight into the fanaticism of the Democrat prophet of doom’s pursuit of the “net zero” agenda with no regard for the devastating consequences for civilization.

“If there’s a single tableau that kind of sums up the moment we’re living in it’s a group of half-demented, 80-year-olds sitting around yelling about things they don’t really understand and no, that’s not Thanksgiving dinner with the grandparents. It’s our federal government, an organization run by people who don’t care about the future because they don’t have one,” Carlson began.

“There may be no one in the country who cares less about the future of the United States than climate czar John Kerry, who turns 80 next week,” he added. “Kerry turned up at a conference in the Middle East the other day and announced that in his advanced age, he’s become a, quote, ‘militant’ on the subject of coal-fired electricity plants,” playing a clip of Kerry at COP28.

“Now this is an emissary of the fabled United States government,” Carlson continued. “This is a former presidential candidate, a long-serving United States senator what are people saying about what John Kerry just said? Well, in case you’re wondering about the Biden administration’s prestige and influence around the world, you should know that absolutely nobody cares what John Kerry thinks, or even listens to him.”

“Leaders in every adult country on the planet understand that what he’s saying is nonsense, if not totally insane. Because these are people with economies they need to tend to, and people they need to feed, they don’t have time for self-harm,” he said, pointing out that China and India are dependent on energy derived from coal as do other countries and that technologies now exist to minimize the impact on the environment from the burning of the vital energy source.

“But does John Kerry even know this? Does he know any of this? Does he care?” Tucker asked. “Probably not. Global warming may be global by definition but according to John Kerry and everyone else in the Biden administration, only the United States causes global warming.”

Carlson then brought on “Twitter Files” co-author Michael Shellenberger whose book “Apocalypse Never” offers an unsparing look at the modern-day climate cult religion that has evolved out of the environmentalist movement, leading to the alternate reality of the global elite which obviously despises the little people.

“We know that the pillars of civilization are cheap energy, meritocracy, law and order, and free speech and all four of those pillars are currently under attack,” the journalist stated of the malevolent agenda of the authoritarian left.

“You can’t maintain civilization without cheap energy,” he said. “The attack on cheap energy is truly an attack on modern civilization and it should frighten us and we should be aware to it and alive to it.”

“Flying on private jets to a climate conference to announce plans to make energy even more expensive for working people is bread-and-circuses, except there’s no bread, and the circus consists of rich people celebrating their wealth, morality, and superiority,” Shellenberger wrote in his latest Substack post.

“Global Elites used to pretend to care about people but they’re not even pretending anymore…” he told Carlson, noting the difference between today’s climate crusaders and the largely positive vision of earlier generations of environmentalists.

“The people that are pushing this really hate civilization, or at least they hate civilization for others,” Shellenberger said. “They want it only for themselves and that they’re in the grip of a really dogmatic cult philosophy.”

“I mean, I think it’s fair to call it a death cult at this point, when you’re stifling energy supplies that are necessary to keep people alive, allow …poor people to escape from the use of wood and dung,” he added. “I don’t know what else to call it other than an anti-human death cult.”

Carlson replied, “That’s right. It’s not environmentalism. It’s the snarling face of tyranny.”

Chris Donaldson


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