Tucker to dads: ‘Why don’t you go in and thrash the teacher’ over sex values pushed to your kids?

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(Video: Fox News)

After delivering a lengthy monologue this Friday about attempts by left-wing teachers to groom schoolchildren with LGBT/sex ideology, Fox News host Tucker Carlson bluntly asked why fathers aren’t responding with violence.

“I don’t understand where the men are. Like, where are the dads, you know? Some teacher’s pushing sex values on your third grader — why don’t you go in and thrash the teacher? This is an agent of the government pushing someone else’s values on your kid about sex. Like, where’s the push back?” he asked.

Carlson’s guest, Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance, concurred with this line of thinking.

“I’m a father of three young kids, and I would get enraged if I found out this was happening at my kid’s school. You hear all these crazy things about, you know, 5-year-old kids going to school as boys, but then they go into the magical closet and they come out as their gender-affirming identity,” he said.

“Of course, that has nothing to do with the crazy lunatic who’s pushing this on them. Of course, we’re led to believe it’s all coming from 5-year-old children, so one of the things we’re learning, Tucker, is that this is being forced by some of these really radical teachers, and they’re hiding it from the parents. That’s maybe the most pernicious part.”

The remarks were made during a discussion on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

What Vance said about teachers indoctrinating schoolchildren behind the parents’ backs was true, as seen by all the evidence that emerged during the remote-learning phase of the COVID pandemic:

As for Carlson’s claim that teachers are working as “agent[s] of the government,” the Fox News host argued in his monologue that the Democrat Party, including the White House, staunchly backs this indoctrination.

As proof, he pointed to the Biden administration’s attacks on laws, including Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, that ban such grooming.

He also pointed to the Biden administration’s support for Amaze, a company that produces gender-affirming sex-ed materials for little children.

In one of the videos they’ve produced, Amaze tells children how to “find out more about porn.” In another video, Amaze talks to children about oral sex.

“Whether oral sex counts as sex is really up to you. Generally, through the ages, sex was assumed as vagina-penile sex, but many people will choose not to have that kind of sex,” the narrator in the latter video says.

“Like me, I’m gay. So, if sex is just a penis and a vagina, then I guess my boyfriend and I will never have sex. So for me, oral sex is definitely sex, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide what you believe counts as sex.”

Watch the oral sex video below:

“Yeah, you make the decision because you’re in fifth grade. It’s your decision. Guess who’s decision it isn’t? Your parents. They have no role in any of this. That’s the point. Amaze.org is producing videos like this and flooding schools with them with the full backing of the Democratic Party,” Carlson said in response to the video.

“So, the key here is not whether you agree or disagree with the message. The key is that parents play no role in the decision. That’s the point. Cutting parents out, destroying parental authority, destroying the family.”

Ergo why the administration opposes the Parental Rights in Education bill.

Listen to the first half of Carlson’s monologue below:

Continuing along, the Fox News host then highlighted the sad truth that Amaze videos aren’t even needed for the indoctrination — because plenty of teachers are doing the indoctrination themselves.

“So, in classrooms, Amaze.org isn’t even necessary a lot of times. Some teachers do the jobs themselves. We know that, in part, because of the hard work of a Twitter account called ‘Libs of TikTok,’ which you ought to follow before it’s banned if you want to know what may be happening in your child’s school,” he said.

“Libs of Tiktok” has in recent weeks published a large number of horrifying videos showing teachers bragging about indoctrinating their students.

Here are a couple examples:

Tying everything together, Carlson concluded by noting that all of this — the indoctrination, the videos, the attacks on parental rights — stems from a desire for more state control and power.

“This has nothing to do with the Constitution, nothing to do with science. It doesn’t even really have a lot to do with sex. Are they creepy? Oh yeah, a lot of them are super, super creepy. Should they be around kids? Absolutely not, but it’s not really about trying to groom little kids overall,” he said.

“It’s even worse than that. This is an attempt to usurp the most basic of all parental rights because if you’re a parent only you get to talk to your kids about sex. Why is that? Because sex, like religion, is something that the state doesn’t intrude on.”

Listen to the rest of his monologue below:


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