Tulsi Gabbard: Biden and NATO ‘actually want Russia to invade Ukraine’

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A growing number of voices on the left and right suspect that the Biden administration is ginning up the prospect of war with Russia for purely political reasons.

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a non-establishment Democrat known for bucking the party’s agenda, made the case Friday that the president wants an invasion because it would provide justification for him to ramp up sanctions against Russia.

The proof, she argued on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” is the Biden administration’s refusal to give Russia what it wants, which is nothing more than assurance that Ukraine will never become a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

“President Biden could end this crisis and prevent a war with Russia by doing something very simple: Guaranteeing that Ukraine will not become a member of NATO. Because if Ukraine became a member of NATO, that would put U.S. and NATO troops right on the doorstep of Russia, which, as Putin has laid out, would undermine their national security interests,” she said.

It wouldn’t be a capitulation of any kind to provide this assurance, Gabbard pointed out, because it’s already “highly unlikely that Ukraine will ever become a member of NATO anyway.”

“The reality is that it is highly, highly unlikely that Ukraine will ever become a member of NATO anyway, so the question is why doesn’t president Biden and NATO leaders actually just say that and guarantee it? Which begs the question of why are we in this position then if the answer to this and preventing this war from happening is very clear as day?” the former congresswoman explained.

The answer, she feared, is because an invasion is exactly what Biden has in mind.

“And really, it just points to one conclusion that I can see, which is, they actually want to Russia to invade Ukraine,” she said.

Former Trump era Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland meanwhile made the case on Fox News’ “The Story” earlier that afternoon that the president is purposefully “setting up his own Cuban Missile Crisis” so that he can later take credit for ostensibly preventing World War III.


“If Biden is right and if the White House is talking about tanks crossing borders and Vladimir Putin does that, he will trigger a response. I don’t think the United States gets involved militarily, but the response will be within NATO countries in the area, maybe to get more economic assistance, more military assistance, but will also be primarily within the Ukraine,” she said.

“If there is … guerrilla warfare in addition to tanks moving across the border, actual Ukrainian military fighting, it will be messy and bloody. There will be body bags going back to Moscow. That is not a good look for Vladimir Putin. He doesn’t need this right now. He can achieve his objectives without going to war.”

He’s essentially playing chicken with Russia, she explained, because he’s that confident that Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t dare actually invade.

“I think in part, maybe President Biden is setting up his own Cuban Missile Crisis. If all this talk is about the Russians are going to take tanks across the border and then it doesn’t happen, President Biden can say great diplomatic achievement, ‘we prevented World War III,’” McFarland explained.

But is it worth it to take such an immense risk?

Also speaking on “The Story,” Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin concluded that were Russia to call the Biden administration’s bluff and invade, the resulting fight would likely be brutal.


“The Ukraine military is a very different military than it was in 2014 when he waltzed into Crimea and took that, caught the world by surprise, faced very little resistance. The military now in Ukraine has been armed for the last decade with small arms as well as with anti-tank missiles – the javelin missiles…You can’t underestimate the will to fight. And that is the unknown when you invade a country like Ukraine,” she said.

Nor, she continued, can one underestimate how much anti-Russian sentiment exists among the Ukrainian people.

“They are not neutral anymore. And they are anti-Moscow, anti-Russia, and maybe what they lack in terms of weapons, they don’t lack in terms of a will to fight. And it doesn’t take much to slit the throat of a Russia soldier. And that is what you’re going to see. You’re going to see a brutal conflict ensue,” she said.

“Those are the intelligence estimates that we’ve been hearing about from the U.S. officials, and this is not a cakewalk. And Putin may have a stronger military, may be able to dominate Ukraine in the first two weeks, but it’s occupying a country like Ukraine – that is where empires get drained,” Griffin added.

The media itself has admitted that up to 50,000 civilians could be killed and five million refugees created were Russia to launch a full-scale invasion.

Some members of  the public appear to be just as skeptical about the administration’s intent vis-a-vis Ukraine and Russia, with the most popular theory being that the president’s trying to boost his ailing poll numbers:

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