TX lawmaker riles blue-checkers: ‘If you can wait in line for a covid test, you can wait in line to vote’

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The Texas Republican Party triggered the left-wing Twitter mafia into unbridled rage Friday by pointing out in a tweet that if Americans “can wait in line for a covid test,” they can likewise “wait in line to vote.”

The tweet appeared to be criticism of the Democrat Party talking point that long voting lines, which were once seen as a sign of genuine progress, are a form of voter suppression. The talking point is often used by Democrats to attack GOP-crafted election security measures.

“In 1966, long lines and wait times were a sign that racial barriers to the ballot box were finally dissolving after disenfranchising an entire population for nearly a century,” the left-wing outlet Vox notes.

But in the same piece, the outlet claims that these lines now “reflect a concerted effort to take those same voting rights away.”

As evidence, the piece predictably points to the aforementioned election security measures. Some measures reduce the early voting window because allowing voting too early disrupts the election cycle (what if someone who votes in August changes their mind by November?) Other measures bar non-excuse mail-in-ballot voting because of the massive post-election chaos widespread mail-in-ballot usage would cause (see 2020 election).

View the Texas GOP’s tweet below:

The tweet provoked a massive backlash from the left, particularly the blue checkmark left.

One common retort was that neither activity should require waiting in line:

It’s certainly an interesting argument. The problem is that because of the Biden administration’s incompetence, Americans do have to wait in line for testing.

As previously reported, the administration was extremely late in adopting a plan proposed to it months earlier to dole out millions of free at-home COVID tests.

And even then, these tests have been shown to be exceedingly less reliable than standard laboratory tests — kind of like how mail-in ballot voting has been shown to be exceedingly less secure than traditional voting.

Another retort — a bizarre one — came from far-left California Rep. Ted Lieu, who responded by claiming “California is better than Texas.”


According to Spectrum News, Texas grew by nearly 16 percent in the past decade, with 700,000 of its new residents having relocated from California. Meanwhile, California grew at just 6.1 percent.

Texas also boasts a superior unemployment rate and a superior real GDP for the third quarter of 2021.

Another retort was a suggestion that the Republican Party is headed toward surefire defeat in the 2022 midterms.

As of Jan. 8th, Republicans had a 1.6 percentage point average lead on the 2022 generic congressional vote, according to RealClearPolitics. Meanwhile, the president’s average approval rating was a dismal 42.1 percent.

The rest of the retorts on Twitter were basically foul-mouthed insults — as usual.

The Texas Republican Party eventually responded to its critics by mocking them.


It’s true that a large number of the critics boast “gender pronouns” in their Twitter bios. And it’s also true that the cloth masks used by most Americans have been deemed useless and therefore, one could argue, “dumb.”

Vivek Saxena


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