Video found of expelled TN Dem striking driver with traffic cone at BLM protest; charged with vandalizing a cop car

A newly unearthed surveillance video of one of the Tennessee Democrats who was expelled and then reinstated from the state legislature after joining a left-wing mob during an anti-Second Amendment protest shows that he has a history of political violence.

In the video that was taken during a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest, the rabble-rousing lawmaker is seen with a group of people who are menacing drivers at the state capitol and at one point, picked up a traffic cone to impede the path of a white vehicle.

Justin Jones and his fellow troublemakers then surround the vehicle and begin harassing the driver with the Democrat escalating the situation into violence by picking up the cone and thrusting it into the open window, appearing to strike the driver, an incident that he was later indicted for.

In the video which has been widely circulated on social media, Jones is the protester who is wearing the hat.

(Video: Rumble)

According to Scoop Nashville, the local blog that initially published the footage in 2021:

“In June of 2020, Justin Bautista-Jones, better known as ‘Brother Jones’ locally, was one of the publicly visible (often by design) protestors at the State Capitol. He received a lot of pushback from his own community after it was discovered he was often only making appearances when he knew there would be media coverage, and eventually had a falling out with one of the other most visible female members of the group. Throughout the entire time, he has faced over a dozen charges but always denied that he was violent – despite multiple assaults, assault on an officer, and reckless endangerment charges. In the newly obtained video, one of his assaults was captured, and presented to the Grand Jury – and he was indicted on two counts of reckless endangerment.”


Jones took to Twitter to suggest that his character was being unfairly besmirched after news of his being charged for his role in the assault.

“They will try to push a false narrative portraying me as ‘violent’ as a way to deflect from their own actions. They will suggest that I am out of order. That is their strategy. However, I’m hopeful for the chance to present our evidence in a transparent manner,” wrote “Brother Jones” in June 2021.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed out that the 27-year-old martyr figure is a “product of privilege” during a segment featuring more video of his criminal conduct during the George Floyd “summer of love” when race riots were sanctioned by the entire ruling class and he joined others in vandalizing a police car, then having charges against him dropped by a left-wing district attorney.

(Video: Fox News)

“The message here is very, very clear, justice is not blind, there are two systems,” Carlson said. “If you’re with the people in charge you can literally do whatever you want.”

“You can walk on a police car, you can surround cars in the middle of the street and destroy them, you can even point guns at people, and you’re not gonna be charged,” he added. “You’ll be celebrated as a hero by regime media.”

“You get to go on ‘Good Morning America,’ but if you dare to try to defend yourself from the violent mob surrounding your car like Daniel Perry did in Austin, Texas, we’re gonna send you to prison,” he said.

Jones, who was rewarded for his insurrectionist behavior with lionization by the media as well as a visit from Vice President Kamala Harris – who didn’t see fit to similarly visit the grieving families whose children were murdered at a Nashville Christian school by a transgender school shooter – has become a national celebrity with him being deceptively portrayed as the second coming of MLK by the same media that plucked a certain former New York City bartender – who shall remain nameless – from obscurity and then transformed her into the Lady Gaga of left-wing politics.

A new star has been born and “Brother Jones” has a very bright future in the fully radicalized Democratic Party that has embraced political violence and insurrectionist tactics as its new normal.

Chris Donaldson


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