WaPo mistaken for satire with article linking domestic violence and climate change

The Washington Post as it currently exists is little more than a propaganda organ promoting the agenda of the most unhinged elements of the culturally dominant left wing, and the once-venerable outlet rang in the new year by inching a bit closer to parody by claiming that climate change is responsible for increasing the risk of domestic violence against women.

This week, the sad remnants of the celebrated newspaper that featured decades of award-winning journalism further descended into the type of cheap “woke” advocacy that has come to dominate much of the domestic media with its piece on how the doomsday scenario of a deteriorating planet has manifested itself in an uptick in battery against females in counties including Kenya, the Philippines, and India with the authors seeking to connect domestic violence with weather disasters.

The article was penned by Geoffrey Ondieki, Disha Shetty and Aie Balagtas See as a part of a partnership with the organization The Fuller Project which describes itself as a “global newsroom dedicated to groundbreaking reporting that catalyzes positive change for women.” In it, a number of personal accounts of domestic violence victims are interwoven with United Nations reports and testimony from academics linking the abuse of women to changes in climate.

Among the heart-rending tales is that of Pilot Lenaigwanai who tries to hide her broken tooth, “a bitter reminder of all she endured before finding refuge at a shelter for abuse survivors in northern Kenya,” after her husband pummeled her after the family’s cattle perished as a result of the worst drought to ravage the African country in decades.

“The violence peaks during the floods. Everything gets worse at that time — the hunger, the stress. We have snakes coming into the house,” says Devi, a 40-year-old woman who lives in India and says that her husband takes out his frustrations about the weather on her.

“The anger gets taken out on me. There’s a lot of stress during those times and I can’t sleep because of all the tension,” she said, with the authors writing that she was “wiping away tears as one of her young sons leans in closer,” for added emotional impact.

Bolstering the author’s claims is testimony from Terry McGovern, the head of the department of Population and Family Health at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, who has “called the scientific evidence for this connection ‘overwhelming.’”

“Heat waves, floods, climate-induced disasters increase sexual harassment, mental and physical abuse, femicide, reduce economic and educational opportunity and increase the risk of trafficking due to forced migration,” McGovern said while acknowledging “that the data remains limited on some fronts, including on psychological and emotional violence and attacks against minority groups.”

A tsunami of mockery rained down upon the WaPo as it was shredded by Twitter users after sharing the story on the social media platform.


It’s probably understandable that WaPo would feature content from activist organizations which is likely much cheaper than having to pay reporters when the paper’s business model is badly failing, as was evident by the pre-Christmas announcement of deep staff cuts that nearly caused an employee riot.

The left-wing lunacy isn’t limited to the Washington Post either. Last week, the New York Times featured a story calling for mating with short people to save Earth from climate change.

It’s been a long time since The Washington Post’s glory days of Watergate reporting in which the dashing young versions of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein chased President Richard M. Nixon from the White House, and now years of anti-Trumpism, COVID hysteria and declining readership have provided an opening for the climate change doomsday cult which has set up shop in the nation’s capital.


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