Washington Post deletes tweet about Biden going to funerals not being ‘best use of his time’

As President Joe Biden prepared to attend the seventh funeral since becoming president, The Washington Post backtracked on a message that “inaccurately” reported on his activity.

Headlined “Biden, funerals and a bygone era,” the Post promoted its story Saturday on Twitter, just ahead of Biden’s planned appearance at a funeral service for former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The Democrat congressman died on Dec. 28 at age 82.

“Biden, who heads to Sen. Harry M. Reid’s memorial Saturday – his seventh as president – uses funerals to honor his friendships and make a point about bipartisanship,” the Post tweeted.

“Not everyone thinks it’s the best use of his time,” it read.

In no time, the left-leaning publication was under fire for its take.

But the piece itself, written by Post reporter Annie Linskey, seemed to be aimed at making Biden look like the great unifier.

“For Biden, eulogizing colleagues, especially Republicans, is also a resonant way to reiterate his core message that the country must return to a less-polarized time when political adversaries did not have to be personal enemies,” she wrote.

“Not everyone believes that era can be revived, however. And in a sense, Biden’s attendance at these events highlights the extent to which practitioners of that kind of politics are increasingly passing from the scene,” the article continued.

But it was the Post’s Twitter message that ignited backlash, including a scolding from White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

And just like that, the obedient newspaper walked back its message, deleting the tweet and explaining that it had “inaccurately represented the scope of the story.”

The renewed tweet may have pleased the Biden White House and the left, but many saw the move as even worse than the original crime.

Frieda Powers


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