WHCA dinner attendees confronted by anti-Israel protesters: ‘Shame on you!’

Members of the in-crowd who turned out for the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner were shouted down by left-wing hecklers who showed up to protest U.S. policy toward the war in Gaza.

On a night reserved for the annual event, a grotesque display of the press sucking up to power, the early mood was spoiled for some attendees who had to walk past a hateful mob that had gathered outside of the Washington Hilton.

“Shame on you!” yelled the pro-Hamas crowd at the so-called journalists and others who were there to schmooze with their colleagues and laugh at President Biden’s unfunny jokes at the establishment gala. “F**k Joe Biden!” was another chant that rang out.

Video of finely dressed and visibly uncomfortable celebs having to walk the gauntlet of protesters are going viral on X.

With the progressive left’s addiction to theatrics, some activists staged a mock die-in, laying on the street to grab attention with their stunt to protest “journalists” who have allegedly been killed in Gaza.

Attendees were also treated to activists who staged a mock IDF execution on the street although the video has been censored as being too sensitive by some of the pro-Hamas left-wing moles still deeply embedded at Elon Musk’s X.

Being showered with abuse was only temporary and it wasn’t long before they were safely inside where they yukked it up as “Genocide Joe” did his stand-up comedy routine.

The celebs and media are largely responsible for feeding the Israel-hating progressive monster and now it has turned on them.

Chris Donaldson


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