Woman cries, calls out looters who left Chicago Walmart’s shelves empty: ‘Every grocery store looks like this’

As chaos in Chicago rages on, it is impossible to miss the impact the criminal actions of a few will have on those around them.

One woman recorded a recent trip to a Walmart that had been looted, her video capturing bare shelves and floors littered with products dropped in the mad dash to avoid the law.

Watch: (** Language warning)

“Every grocery store looks like this,” she says at the beginning of the video, panning across the trashed produce department. “Look at this. Can’t even get no f***ing food for my kids.”

“Look at this, came in the store to try to buy something because I’m not a thief,” she continued.

“I am so devasted right now,” she said weeping. “We do stupid s**t like this all the time… We’re so black and proud, but we won’t be honest about what’s really going on,” she said.

“You all are so wrong for this. You came in your neighborhood, and f**ked up your sh*t.” she said.

“I’m not a thief. And ain’t nobody going to turn me into no animal.”

Twitter comments varied widely, some blaming Walmart for the looting while others sympathized with a mother at the end of her rope:

Sierra Marlee


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