Iran’s ‘Supreme Leader’ heaps praise on campus protesters in U.S. and offers some advice

College and university students across the nation who have joined anti-Israel movements on campuses are getting praise from a disturbing source.

In what was called a “letter to the young people,” Iran’s “Supreme Leader” offered congratulations to American students caught up in the pro-Palestine protests.

The posts were reportedly part of a lengthy letter the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wrote to the activist students.

The religious leader told university students that the letter was a show of “empathy & solidarity” with their protests.

“Dear university students in the United States of America, you are standing on the right side of history,” Khamenei wrote on X.

He blasted “Zionists” and lauded the students for their “honorable struggle” as they had now joined the ranks of the “Resistance Front,” which includes terrorist groups like Hamas.

“The ‘Resistance Front’ refers to the alliance of armed militant groups sponsored by Iran, including Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Houthis in Yemen, and Iraqi Shiite militias,” according to the Iran International website

“The global Zionist elite – who owns most U.S. and European media corporations or influences them through funding and bribery – has labeled this courageous, humane resistance movement as ‘terrorism,'” Khamenei further wrote, making no mention of his own regime’s iron grip on the press.

He then encouraged the students to familiarize themselves with Islamic teachings which might prove to be an eye-opening exercise for some of the clueless leftists who have been chanting anti-Anerican slogans across campuses.

He praised professors and staff at American universities for joining in the protests and encampments.

“The support and solidarity of your professors is a significant and consequential development,” he wrote. “This can offer some measure of comfort in the face of your government’s police brutality and the pressures it is exerting on you. I too, am among those who empathize with you young people, and value your perseverance.”

Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla. summed up the reactions on social media to the posts by the Iranian leader.

Others on X chimed in:


Frieda Powers


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