We’ve never, ever seen anything like this: Food industry leaders sounds off on inflation, and what’s to come

Thanks to recent never-ending inflation, some restaurants are reportedly being forced to charge “market prices” for their grub. Take Sal & Moie’s New York Pizza & Ice […]

Oh, really? Nina Jankowicz complains criticism of her bias was ‘wildly of out context’

(Video: MSNBC) Former Disinformation Governance Board czar Nina Jankowicz is facing backlash for suggesting that she was run off the now-defunct board because of so-called “disinformation” and […]

Whoopi Goldberg labels House GOP members ‘domestic terrorists’

(Video: ABC) The ladies of “The View” sat down on Thursday and it didn’t take long for co-host Whoopi Goldberg to refer to House Republicans as “domestic […]

Michigan businesses sue Gov. Whitmer for ‘devastating’ COVID lockdown losses: ‘Never again!’

A coalition of Michigan businesses is suing Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director Robert Gordon for allegedly “taking” their businesses without […]

Kamala Harris to hold White House powwow with abortion providers amid expected Roe v. Wade reversal

In the past, politicians in power — particularly those in the White House — protected the sanctity of the judicial branch’s independence from that of the legislative […]

Court lets man caught on video beating elderly patient skate — for now

The case against Jadon Hayden, the 22-year-old man who recorded himself assaulting 75-year-old Norman Bledsoe at Westwood Nursing Center, was dismissed in late April. It was ruled […]

Four thugs rob man then return the next day for more; half of them leave in body bags

Four thugs thought an Indiana man was an easy target and decided to rob him twice in two days. Unfortunately for them, it only to one time […]

NBC drops damning findings about Hunter’s role with China that puts Joe Biden in the hotseat

NBC News, much to its credit, has uncovered what appears to be definitive proof that President Joe Biden is a bold-faced liar. The proof includes confirmation that […]

Donny Deutsch tells Dems to ‘brand’ Republicans and ‘scare the bejeezus out of people’ ahead of midterms

Donny Deutsch visited MSNBC to spew his opinions on how the Democrats can gain some sort of advantage heading into the midterms, but shockingly his plan didn’t […]

Cotton calls for Congress to ban any future attempts at Orwellian disinformation boards

(Video: Fox News) Senator Tom Cotton, R -Ark., wants a complete and total ban on any and all future government disinformation boards, as the fledgling Disinformation Governance […]

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