Miami residents fume over plan to ship homeless to an encampment on nearby island

As local Florida governments butted heads and pointed blame, residents made their opinions on a proposed homeless encampment near the wealthiest zip code in the country known […]

Vulnerable Dems could derail Manchin-Schumer bill: report

After Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) cushy arrangement with Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to secure his vote on the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, vulnerable House Democrats may […]

‘Are you serious?’ Alleged teacher sparks firestorm over take on gay couple using adopted kids for porn videos

A gay couple in Georgia has been arrested for allegedly sexually exploiting two adopted male children for the purpose of creating child pornography. The suspects were outed […]

Big backfire? Unlikely suspects start raising major concern over Trump raid, demand answers

It remains unclear what probable cause the FBI used to justify an unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence in Florida, but an overwhelming consensus has […]

Golden Globes effort to return to television reportedly ‘hanging by a thread’

An effort to get the Golden Globe Awards show back on television is reportedly “hanging by a thread,” amid a new scandal involving a deal that would […]

Squad-backing Justice Democrats PAC amasses 6-figure war chest from dark money: report

If not for the mollycoddling from corporate media, the boundless hypocrisy of progressives might deserve a modicum of admiration. After all, not just anyone can summon righteous […]

White House effort to rebrand Biden as ‘Dark Brandon’ bombs spectacularly

President Biden’s approval numbers are so bad, historically bad, that the White House appears to have thrown caution to the wind and is swinging for the fences. […]

Judge who signed off on Trump FBI raid revealed … too ‘unbelievable’ even for a ‘movie script’

The unprecedented FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home reeked of corruption from the get-go and any case to the contrary seems highly unlikely after […]

Trump counterpunches with campaign ad-style video hours after FBI raid

Former President Donald Trump will not let the American government have the final word, it seems. Hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigations raided his Mar-a-Lago estate, […]

MSNBC host claims only those consumed with white privilege can afford inflation concerns

MSNBC host Zerlina Maxwell found a ready audience in Breitbart News turncoat Kurt Bardella, now an adviser to the DNC and DCCC, when she pitched the idea […]

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