KJP snaps at Don Lemon when the two lock horns over Biden’s ‘semi-fascism’ remarks

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre got into it with CNN host Don Lemon when he asked her to clarify a divisive remark made by President Joe […]

Left salivates over timely report claiming a spy posing as a Rothschild was milling around Mar-a-Lago

The media is rolling out yet another story intended to showcase just howinept Donald Trump is, this time allegedly being duped by a fake heiress who was […]

NYC strikes ’emergency deals’ with 14 hotels to house migrants bused in from Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s plan to give Democrats in places like New York City a taste of what his state has been enduring for nearly two years […]

‘Do NOT apologize’: We regret to inform you that Drew Barrymore is racist for … Frolicking in the rain?

Now, of all the crazy content that Libs of TikT has posted – and there has been quite a bit – this might just be the most […]

Alex Berenson highlights one data point that can’t be dismissed amid excess post-vaccine deaths

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spent considerable time on the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” before bringing on former New […]

Matteo: Santa Biden’s debt cancellation program

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Just about everyone s Santa Claus, a man whose magical powers can make reindeer fly and […]

‘Delete your account’: Libertarian group slammed for ‘hideous’ tweet of Meghan McCain

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire is coming under fire for its decision to post a tweet of Meghan McCain grieving her dead father, John McCain, with […]

‘Expensive mistake’: Media that once touted student loan forgiveness expresses regret as reality sinks in

Once upon a time, the liberal media was in with the idea of current President Joe Biden forgiving student debt. But with the president having since […]

‘So, so wrong’: Mayor Bowser says DC will deny unvaxxed children a public education in new school year

The District of Columbia, under Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, will deny children an education this year if they have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Never mind that […]

Dems blame Trump for rushing bad vaccine, Tucker goes full satire

Democrats are trying to blame the coronavirus vaccine’s many pitfalls on former President Donald Trump, butFox News host Tucker Carlson isn’t having it. Speaking on Fox News’s […]

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