‘Medical terrorist’ doctor accused of injuring patients, killing colleague by intentionally poisoning IV bags

When most people seek out a job as a doctor, it is for the noble cause of healing the sick. However, one Dallas doctor is being accused […]

Sen Hawley demands direct answers from Garland on DOJ ‘SWAT-style tactics’ against political foes

By all appearances, the FBI is currently being utilized to target conservatives with the intent to silence political opposition to President Joe Biden’s administration and Sen. Josh […]

Judge orders woman to hand over nude ‘boudoir’ photos to ex-husband: ‘Violating and incredibly embarrassing’

Utah woman Lindsay Marsh was left feeling “violated” after she was ordered by a judge to hand over an album of boudoir photographs to her ex-husband, who […]

Manchin accuses Republicans of ‘sacking up with Bernie’ Sanders when he doesn’t get his way

With some help from Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) sought to frame Republicans as obstructionists for their opposition to his sweetheart deal with […]

Chris Cuomo admits ‘conflict of interest’ wrongdoing, but takes no accountability in truly amazing mea culpa

While two things can be simultaneously true, admitting that you knew something was wrong and did it anyway but that you shouldn’t be held accountable hardly qualifies. […]

‘It’s alarming’: New Orleans police hiring civilians to respond to non-emergency 911 calls

Police in the United States are suffering right now, but the New Orleans Police Department’s way of dealing with short-staffing is causing some concern in their community. […]

Tucker: Hysterical reaction to Italy’s new PM puts left’s lust for ‘state religion’ on full display

Newly elected Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s historic victory was marked by a coordinated attack from corporate media, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson reasoned it has […]

Multiple leaks hours apart in Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines: ‘Hard to imagine’ they’re ‘accidental’

Reports came in early Tuesday morning that the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipes had sprung some “mysterious leaks” and as Europe and Russia rushed to find […]

Conservative turncoat gets an earful when he asks ‘how long until GOP floats a dress code for women?’

Breitbart turncoat Kurt Barla, a former Lincoln Project member who now plies his trade on behalf of the Democratic Party, is among a select cabal in American […]

‘Language matters!’ Air Force Academy promotes seminar on ‘Transgender Visbility’

Arjun Singh, DCNF A seminar on transgender visibility was held at the United States Air Force Academy on Thursday, according to a new report by the Washington […]

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