Arrogant much? Chelsea Clinton credits her family for the reason Fox News was ‘created’

Variety fawned over Hillary and Chelsea Clinton in an interview, discussing their new leftist documentary called “Gutsy” and what it would take to elect a woman as […]

Fauci made serious bank while he pushed lockdowns on the rest of us, records show

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s net worth soared by $5 million to a high of $12.6 million while he was pushing for lockdowns and other diktats during the height […]

‘He loves this job’: Weather ‘legend’ struck by tree branch on live TV covering Hurricane Ian

If there is one thing Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore s, it’s being in the middle of the action. Unfortunately, that kind of thing doesn’t come without […]

Watchdog report shows ‘the swamp’ protects its own, agencies defied Trump EO intended to identify bad actors

It seems impossible to believe that a government agency would elect to simply disregard a direct order from the President of the United States, but according to […]

Sex offender with NINE priors arrested for brutal rape of 81-yr-old neighbor: ‘He put my cheekbones out of place’

A longtime Brolyn sex offender who’s been committing crime since the 1990s has been arrested for breaking into his elderly neighbor’s home and allegedly raping her. The […]

‘This is a bad bill’: Trump allies push back on McConnell’s ‘commonsense’ argument for ‘Electoral Count Act’

A feud over the Electoral Count Act is brewing in the U.S. Senate between GOP leader Mitch McConnell and Trump-aligned senators like Ted Cruz. As previously […]

Jordan Peterson gets emotional over clueless actress’ portrayal of ‘villain’ character based on him

Clinical psychologist and frequently maligned motivational speaker Jordan Peterson became visibly emotional when asked by Piers Morgan on Wednesday to comment on the villain in Olivia Wilde’s […]

Poll shows majority GOP believes a candidate should not concede if suspect wrongdoing, and the left can’t deal

If polls are to be believed, both Republicans and Democrats are going into the midterm elections either believing that their losing candidates should not concede to their […]

Hurricane hunters share wild footage, describe terrifying flight into eye of Ian: ‘It was out of control’

On Wednesday, various groups of “hurricane hunters” flew directly into the eye of Hurricane Ian to collect vital information for meteorologists and others. One group, a team […]

Best political cartoons: But, but… Jan 6th!!

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this: