Peter Doocy DROPS the mic on ‘nobody effs with a Biden’ tough talk: It appears OPEC just did!

President Joe Biden’s “no one effs with a Biden” hot mic remark has taken on new meaning amid OPEC’s decision to cut oil production and thus screw […]

‘Something truly evil is happening’: DOJ indicts 11 pro-life activists after protesting outside Tenn abortion clinic

Citing FACE Act violations, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has indicted 11 pro-life activists who are accused of blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic near Nashville […]

Sunny Hostin gives ‘brilliant’ DeSantis rare praise, but STILL misses the mark

Sunny Hostin, co-host on ‘The View’ issued some rare words of praise for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Unfortunately, her kind words didn’t last long. “What I did […]

Nurses, therapists, security fight madman who tore through hospital ward strangling NEWBORNS

A deranged 18-year-old Texas man was arrested on Monday after he tried to che multiple babies to death at the Odessa Regional Medical Center (ORMC). Suspect Marcus […]

Dems dust off GOP-stimulated bill to remove defenses from Saudi Arabia, UAE in wake of OPEC’s cut

There’s an old adage that states everything old will eventually be new again, and in dealing with the OPEC+ decision to slash oil production by a whopping […]

Witnesses of triple murder say Kim Kardashian never called them, is VERY wrong about man she’s trying to free

Two sibling survivors of a brutal 1994 triple murder say reality star-turned-activist Kim Kardashian never bothered to call them for the celebrity’s new true crime Spotify podcast, […]

Graham, Cruz threaten Mayorkas with impeachment for ‘gross dereliction of duty’ to secure the border

This week, Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz sent a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas threatening him with impeachment unless he resolves his department’s […]

‘Welcome to Clown World’: 16 kids sue Montana for ‘first children’s climate trail in US history’

Using children to make complex political points is and always has been nauseating, but ever since little Greta Thunberg began wagging her finger at adults, grown-ups on […]

US Oil & Gas taunt Biden who has only ‘one option’ left: ‘Life comes at you pretty fast…’

Now that OPEC has rejected U.S. President Joe Biden’s request that they not cut oil production and the president has therefore been humiliated on the world stage, […]

The Guggenheim’s longtime chief curator forced out of job after false accusation of racism by Black artist

The Guggenheim’s longtime chief curator, Nancy Spector, was forced out of her job in 2020 after she was falsely accused of racism by a black artist. The […]

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