Opposing the successful expansion of charter schools in New York is racist, supporters say

The New York Post has come out with a detailed exposé on New York City’s successful charter schools and how black students who attend them significantly outperform […]

Sex worker arrested after shooting, police standoff in famous brothel says she is ‘falsely accused’

A sex worker who appeared on the cover of the March 2019 issue of Hustler magazine was arrested early Tuesday for allegedly shooting inside Nevada’s infamous Bunny […]

Haberman says Trump indictment ‘likely’ but blabbermouth jury forewoman could be blessing for his lawyers

New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN hosts that she had never heard anything like it after Fulton County Grand Jury foreperson Emily Kohrs stated during […]

Parents demand Satan Club be removed after school was evacuated due to bomb threat

A Virginia primary school that hosts the After School Satan Club was evacuated Tuesday after a bomb threat, leaving parents demanding the group be removed. (Video: WVEC) […]

‘Of all the things that never happened…’: Twitter unconvinced by Mike Pence’s tale of courage

Former Vice President Mike Pence was mocked on after claiming he had a dramatic, face-to-face confrontation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pence, who many expect to announce […]

Florida coach arrested on multiple charges after allegedly blackmailing student for sex

A coach at a Florida school was arrested Monday after allegedly attempting to black a student into letting him rape her, and police say there may yet […]

Vanderbilt dean suspended for using AI program to craft email to students on MSU shooting

A Vanderbilt University dean decided it would be cool to use the artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT to write an e to students in the wake of the […]

Ben Stein’s love of Aunt Jemima syrup is too much for Twitter to handle

Actor and economist Ben Stein kicked a hornet’s nest Monday when he previewed a conversation on we corporate culture by making breakfast for dinner, reminiscing about his […]

Family of accused race-faker confirms her white heritage, claims she converted to Islam at boarding school

Another day, another white leftist pretending to be a minority … The latest pretend minority is reportedly Raquel Evita Saraswati, a “progressive” activist who has for years […]

‘Jeopardy’ fans unload on ‘arrogant’ trash-talking contestant: ‘Avi is a jerk’

A Jeopardy contestant drew plenty of attention for his seemingly cocky attitude toward the other competitors during Tuesday night’s episode. The contestant, Avi Gupta, was matched up […]

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