Paltrow’s ‘hit-and-run’ ski crash trial: ‘Hysterical scream’ sounded like ‘King Kong came out of the jungle’

After seven years of legal battles, actress and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow is now in court over an alleged “hit-and-run” ski crash that purportedly left a retired […]

Stanford Law dean won’t cave to woke mob, spells out the school’s ‘next steps’

Stanford Law School responded to the “disruption” caused on campus when progressive students shouted down a conservative judge invited to speak, saying that ” continuing outside attention” […]

Small Dem-run Colorado town opts to ban new gas stations, claims it will help fight climate change

The “you’ll own nothing” crowd to another step closer to the United Nations’ 2030 sustainability goals in the form of social engineering through city planning, nudging toward […]

Scratched battery could lead to insurers scrapping whole EVs, challenging sustainability claims

As expected, the battery packs that drive electric vehicles continue to be a huge deterrent to ownership. The cost of replacing batteries costs tens of thousands of […]

Twitter lights up over clip of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host’s bizarre wrestling moment

Some “Wheel of Fortune” fans were left wondering if longtime host Pat Sajak has unfulfilled dreams of being a wrestler after Tuesday’s edition of the popular game […]

Radical ‘Squad’ member fiercely defends Chinese-owned app, dismisses criticism as ‘xenophobia’

Routinely standing apart from even their Democratic Party peers, the Squad has oft-held interests divorced from the rest of America and Wednesday, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) set […]

‘This is not about actual achievement’: Trans lawmaker among USA Today’s ‘Women of the Year’

Biological females continue to be devalued in today’s progressive society that refuses to define what a woman is, kicking open the door for a growing phenomenon — […]

Biden drops 2024 teasers, makes creepy joke about messing up women’s hair during medal ceremony

President Biden further solidified the liberal bona fides of rocker Bruce Springsteen and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Tuesday during the 2021 National Humanities Medal and National Medal […]

PBS documentary captures Fauci laughing off lab leak theories, lamenting not pushing mask mandates sooner

Dr. Anthony Fauci did a documentary for PBS “American Masters” in a propaganda attempt to salvage his reputation as he is increasingly tied to the origins of […]

Newsmax is back on DirecTV with ‘multi-year distribution deal’ following conservative backlash

Newsmax has just announced that it has ended a bitter financial battle with DirecTV and will be returning on-air Thursday after the cable news outlet was dropped […]

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