ISIS-linked BREACH found – White House did something unforgivable!

The Biden administration unbelievably allowed 120 asylum seekers to be smuggled into the U.S. by an ISIS-linked smuggler. The smuggler, a Turkish man with links to ISIS, […]

Kamala Harris makes BIG ERROR during interview – Huge Screwup!

Vice President Kamala Harris definitely said the quiet part out loud in a recent interview on abortion where she stated that the average American is only one […]

James O’Keefe exposes Jersey school board officials admitting ‘TRUMPISH’ looking parents targeted

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe has released bombshell police bodycam footage showing New Jersey school board officials colluding with the police to target “Trumpish” school board hearing attendees. […]

Incredibly based Oliver Anthony reads from Bible on Joe Rogan’s show – gives everyone the chills

Country music sensation Oliver Anthony gave an interview to mega-podcaster Joe Rogan on Wednesday and he thrilled listeners by reading from the Bible while he was there. […]

TV news crew ATTACKED by armed gunmen – Details pouring in…

A two-man television crew was covering a series of armed robberies in Chicago when they became victims of a stick-up themselves. The Chicago Police Department and information […]

Maher mocks John Mellencamp for claiming only ‘1 or 2%’ of black people today live better than slaves

Leftist comedian Bill Maher sat down with singer John Mellencamp who bizarrely claimed during the “Club Random” podcast that only “1 or 2%” of blacks today live […]

Trump trashes DeSantis while governor manages Hurricane Idalia: ‘What a shame for Florida!’

Not even a hurricane can stop former President Donald Trump from attacking his nemesis, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who put campaigning on hold to concentrate on responding […]

James Comer: Bobulinski to appear before Oversight Committee; Biden impeachment inquiry ‘imminent’

House Oversight Committee chair James Comer confirmed on Wednesday that Tony Bobulinski will soon testify before the committee and that an official impeachment inquiry into President Joe […]

Illegal alien released into US under Biden open border policy kills child in school bus crash: report

A Haitian illegal immigrant released into the US under President Biden’s open border policy has allegedly killed a child in a lethal school bus crash in Ohio. […]

Retired Navy commander requires 100 stitches after savage attack in Philly while walking his dog

Retired Navy commander Scott Harris was left with a brain injury and at least 100 stitches after he to his dog for a walk near a Philaphia […]

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